Wearable app development

  • Octal IT Solution acquires a position in top 10 Wearable app development companies, report released by Clutch.co.

  • The latest estimation by Statista.com suggests that there would be more than 8 million wearable devices globally in 2020. These mobility-based wearable devices need apps. Of course, the need of wearable apps is now drawing the attention of mobile app developers. Also, businesses are seeing several advantages in bringing in wearable technology to their work processes, procedures, people, partners and prospects.

  • The year 2017 is gradually nearing its end signaling the need to begin preparations to face the challenges lined up for the forthcoming year. 2017 has already proved to be most happening especially for the mobile app development companies in terms of new applications and innovative technologies, which in turn, offered venues to explore.