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  • Know why Node JS is favourite among organizations

    Node.js conducted its third Annual Survey in October 2017, which proudly showed that about 85% of the total respondents use node for web apps and 43% of them use it for enterprise applications.

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    Now With the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), you will be able to access the internet is anything. It can range from the refrigerators to complex automobiles.

  • Today, For small business and also the start-up web development companies choosing the right tech stack is all the more challenging.

  • DevOps is a term coined from the words “Development” and “Operations” and is used in project development processes like web development solutions. In software development, integrating Development and Operations (DevOps) practices creates a new perspective to achieving the results. If you haven’t used DevOps practices before or if you are seeking to up your current processes, sometimes, it can be difficult to know the right DevOps tool to use that best suits your software development team.

  • Know why Angular is the most appropriate solution for Web Development

    A developer who knows how to program a web application from scratch with the help of JavaScript with his or her knowledge in this syntax, can efficiently use AngularJS.

  • Why Angular is king of the JavaScript web development space.jpg

    Here we will talk about why Angular is king of the JavaScript. It is a JavaScript framework very much used nowadays by web Development Company for both web responses and mobile hybrid apps.

  • Award winning App Development company Dev Technosys now officially registered LLC in California USA

    Dev Technosys is the best mobile app development company with a long history in the sector. Carrying out good programming is a key factor for the successful completion of your application project.

  • Best Way To Hire Full Stack Developers in 2019?

    There will always a demand for specialized developers but having them is a problem if they are not working in silos. With full stack developers who have an overall knowledge of web design programming, they are flexible to work with.

  • With the increase in the demand on the online platform, there has being a sudden increase in streamlining the business with the impactful role in the business world. It is also becoming a great way to go around the business. Hence, joining hands with the e-commerce development company is the best decision to grow. It has become a major factor that helps in enhancing the sales factor and taking it to a new level.

  • Over a span of a few years, artificial intelligence has taken over a large span of the company’s production.

  • From last many year well-established web development companies are no longer restricting themselves to just designing and developing websites in traditional ways.

  • A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the backbone of any product, website or mobile application. A full stack developer is a Jack-of-all-trades developer. They are sufficiently familiar with most of the programming languages and technologies used to develop a complete product.

  • SynapseIndia has achieved a new milestone in web development. Backed by experienced web developers, the company has successfully delivered thousands of website development & maintenance projects to a wide array of businesses. The company has provided custom web development solutions to each and every industry vertical of the world. Be it finance or online retail or education, the company is proficient in extending industry-specific web development services at pocket-friendly rates.

  • In 2018, it was a core requirement for every company to have a digital presence. This was what spurred the growth of top web development companies as there were lots of customers to service. However, in 2019, it’s not just enough to announce your presence on the internet. You need to be able to stand out from the crowd.

  • Node.js vs PHP: Which is the Best Server-Side Environment?

    Comparing the role of two behemoth frameworks used by web development companies all over the world is no small feat. , you should hire a PHP development company if your project involves content management systems, servers like MySQL, and solution stacks involving Linux or Apache.

  • SynapseIndia has been featured as a top-rated IT company on Upwork. The experienced IT professionals of the company are trusted by clients from all over the world owing to rich technical expertise. Also, they are known for unmatched development quality, flawless communication skills, timely project completion, etc. On Upwork, most of the clients have given top ratings to the projects accomplished by the experts of the company.

  • Many web design nominees and award winners will agree upon the notion that, we have earned a moment that you might call a virtual red carpet.

  • Developers feel quite comfortable in case of PHP website development in comparison to other programming languages since it assists them in focusing on one particular area at a time. Another major reason for its wide popularity is that it is actually an open source programming language that means it is free to use. It supports MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases without any sort of trouble.

  • Driven by the force of enthusiasm and a radiation-free work environment, SynapseIndia has yet again been drenched with huge annual growth. The addition of radiation chips in the workspace of SynapseIndia has resulted in its business elevation and gain in the position of top software development company list. This step is an advanced move by the company towards the belief that a healthy work environment always helps in driving the company's business and increasing the growth as a result.