Web & Mobile Apps Development

  • Tech giants and all the major corporations are doing their best within their scope to support businesses in these times of Crisis. Google started off with the Ad credits for SMEs and Yelp has now introduced some upgraded tools for local businesses for reopening. It also helps by modifying the waitlist to help restaurants better manage the mandatory social distancing norms of the pandemic.

  • Shopify is rolling out Shopify Email to all merchants – and it’s FREE until 1st October 2020! The role of emails in any marketing channel is undeniable. It is a direct means of communication with your customers and especially during these times when everyone is locked down and every business has its shutter down, emails have proved to be one of the successful means of communication with customers.

  • Facebook has announced that they will now be verifying the identities if high reach profiles to check whether they come from real people and not bots. They started to verify profiles in 2018. These were the profiles of people managing pages with large audiences. Now they are extending ID verifications to some profiles with large audiences.

  • On March 27, 2020, Google pledged that it will offer credits to SMBs of $340 in terms of Google Ads. These credits can be used throughout 2020. SMBs that are eligible will see notifications – these were to be those advertisers with active Google Ads. Google has also extended help in terms of grants for COVID-19 public services announcements.