Windows error

  • The most common reason for 0x800704ec to pop up on Windows 10 is due to the installed anti-virus program. Initially, Windows Defender used to be called Microsoft Security Essentials and was a downloadable program for Windows XP, and later was included with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Since Windows 8 came out, the software evolved into a built-in anti-malware application, which is set to run in the background of the system all the time. This post will walk you through 5 solutions to solve this Windows Defender problem.

  • When you boot your computer, you may encounter an issue of drive power state failure. Do you know what causes the issue driver_power_state_failure? How to fix driver power state failure? This post shows you the answer and lists 6 solutions to this problem.

  • This post illustrates the usage of seven common recovery options in Windows 10: Startup Repair, Command Prompt, System Image Recovery, Go back to the previous version, System Restore, Reset this PC, and Uninstall update. It makes users fix computer problem easily.

  • Have you ever troubled by the issue Windows Security Center service can’t be started when you are trying to turn on Security Center service in the Action Center? And this post will show you different ways to solve the problem Security Center service cannot be started.