• Background music can have a very significant impact on the perception of a movie, regardless of whether it is a feature film, advertisement or video presentation. If your recording has no sound or has only a few comments, you should think about adding a good soundtrack to it and making its reception more attractive.

  • For some time, YouTube has been able to change the video playback speed. Have you ever troubled by this issue - some dance and how-to tutorial videos off the platform play too fast, while some long movies don’t contain much important information? How to solve it? Actually, you can change video speed by a useful video speed controller.

  • There are currently millions of video editors available on the market. If you want to find a free MP4 processing program that is easy to use and enables effective video editing, you've come to the right place. You no longer have to try many different programs to choose the one that's right for you. We compared the most popular editors on the market and are happy to present the best one.

  • Today, many people like to watch movies on mobile devices. It's very convenient for us to play video in an application such as RealPlayer Plus. But sometimes you may want to watch a movie on a big screen, like TV. But if you don't have a specific DVD at home, but you have a movie on your computer, which is especially in MP4 format. The question is how to convert mp4 to DVD? Therefore, it is very important that you know the detailed steps in this regard.

  • Can file formats be changed quickly and efficiently? Can multimedia conversion be carried out without complications? Can video convert to audio without sacrificing quality? The answer is YES. Just with the right program and it's ready!

  • The WebM video format is mainly intended for playing HTML5 video. WebM video quality is roughly similar to MP4, and its size is much smaller. However, if you want to play WebM movies in mobile browsers or other media players, you must convert the WebM format to MP4. Converting WebM to MP4 is not a difficult task. You can read this post to download a free WebM to MP4 converter or professional video converters that will allow you to convert the MP4 file in high quality.

  • In many cases. You may have many movies or have downloaded some cool videos from the web which are in the format of AVI. And you like some part in these videos very much and want to capture the part from the video so as to create your remarkable forum avatar. Or ye tend to embed some AVI files to the web page. But it’s difficult to display AVI files on the website as you need some extra coding or additional plug-ins. So a much easier way is to create animated GIF from AVI.

  • Depending on your goals and audience, you can choose to distribute your videos on different platforms. If video marketing is what you’re after, you can push your videos on YouTube as regular posts or targeted ads. While your video will likely not be the next big thing on the internet, it will definitely generate brand awareness with people outside your current customer base and it will be worth it all.

  • YouTube channel membership is a feature that was introduced by YouTube that allows YouTube users to monetize content on the channel in addition to broadcasting ads. It gives customers access to certain perks, like public badges and emoji, and other channel-specific perks that may change over time. However, it requires a monthly payment, which varies depending on the channel, the membership level you go with, and your location.

  • Hidden tricks YouTube 2019. Here are phrases that the popular video platform has hidden from the eyes of common users as a kind of jokes that we can reach only knowing how to display them. After entering the appropriate phrase and pressing the search button, we are able to change the visual experience of YouTube, activate a new, strange play back functionality, or find out something we didn't know before.

  • M4V is a video format used on multimedia sites and portable devices. This is a special MPEG-4 format whose extension name is .m4v. As the M4V format is protected by Apple's DRM, it is played by few media players. If you are experiencing the similar problem, follow this article to find out how to convert M4V to MP4 for free.

  • We live in an era where everything from your phone to your fridge has an internet connection. You can get any video you want in a matter of seconds. You may ask yourself sometimes - “How can I download a YouTube playlist?” In this post, I will tell you a quick method to download YouTube video that you mostly enjoyed.

  • There are many interesting things you appreciated on YouTube, but you can't download the videos or save them as audio files by default? MiniTool has released a free YouTube downloader to help you solve the problem.

  • The “Global Video on Demand (VOD) Service Market” report attempts to build familiarity of the market through sharing basic information associated with the aspects such as definitions, classifications, applications and market overview, product specifications, manufacturing processes, cost structures, raw materials and more. Furthermore, it strives to analyze the crucial regional markets, including the product price, profit, capacity, production, supply, demand and market growth rate.

  • CBT811 VOD alters Australian media appetite and starves pirates

    Australian content piracy has radically contracted as IPTV services have shifted the media consumption patterns of Australian viewers, according to the latest research from Nielsen and Screen Australia.

  • cbt623 europe demands local content from netflix and vod players

    VOD providers including Netflix, YouTube and Amazon will be forced to include more European content on their platforms under new rules being proposed by the European Commission (EC). Global video platforms may also have to contribute financially to other Europeans’ works under new audio-visual rules which are also being mooted by the EC.