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  • Many people may wish to merge audio files for personal use, especially to remove unwanted portions of the original audio file and then merge with other audio.

  • Wanna listen to music in game without YouTube in the back but the ones you find don’t convert due to copyright? Or you want to enjoy YouTube music without network? The quickest way to solve this problem is to download music from YouTube. But if you wish to convert YouTube to OGG, try YouTube to OGG converters instead.

  • When you need to convert YouTube video to MIDI or vice versa, you should learn more about the MIDI file format beforehand. MIDI stands for the digital interface of musical instruments, which is a standardized way of storing data that the sequencer records and plays. MIDI files are used for ringtones, background music and even greeting cards. In this post, I will teach you how to do the conversion with 2 quick methods.

  • Before starting making Christmas cards, give yourself some time to think about what they should look like. Usually my thoughts revolve around people for whom these cards will be made. When the time comes to implement projects, the ideas are practically ready, all I have to do is make them happen. And because my joy at the joy of the recipients is always great, I would like to persuade you to check yourself how much pleasure it can give to creating personalized greeting cards in terms of green and Eco-friendly. That's why I share my ideas with you and suggest how to make Christmas greetings myself with some amazing software.

  • YouTube is a treasure trove of contents. The only drawback with its default Android and iOS apps is that you can’t continue audio playback after you turn off your screen like you could with a music or podcast app. You may wonder can you play YouTube in the background while browsing other web pages on computer or receive a message from your friends. Of course, you can play YouTube in the background. In this post, you will master different methods to play YouTube in the background.