Next Telecom Partners with Global Cloud Xchange to Bolster Connectivity Globally

Next Telecom Partners with Global Cloud Xchange to Bolster Connectivity Globally

Next Telecom, Australia’s leading telecommunication service providers and Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications (RCOM), today announced a partnership to expand Next Telecom’s global footprint to support enterprises with fast and high performance connectivity between Australia and key global markets.

Broadband, fraudband and in-between-band

nxt507 broadband fraudband and in between band
The question of exactly how fast an Internet connection must run to be classified as ‘broadband’ has bedevilled the industry almost since the introduction of HFC and DSL technologies in the late nineties made possible speeds well in excess of those achievable with dial-up modems. And the arguments are still raging, especially now that the once almost homogeneous Fibre to the home NBN is being replaced with the multi-technology mix NBN.

ACCC and Vodafone at odds on health of telecoms market

nxt513 accc and vodafone at odds on health of telecoms market
Vodafone has taken issue with a claim by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that there is healthy competition in the Australian telecommunications market, as evidenced by a reduction, on average, of the prices paid by consumers for telecommunications services of 2.7 percent in real terms in 2013-14.

Red tape reduced for telecoms equipment suppliers

2nxt512 red tape reduced for telecoms equipment suppliers
When it came to power the Abbott Government vowed to cut red tape and regulation that it said imposed an unnecessary burden on Australian businesses, and the Government's telecommunications regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), has taken a step in that direction by reducing the number of hoops that suppliers of telecoms equipment have to jump through to get their goods onto the market.

CIOs must embrace mobility ... and their cmos

nxt452 cios must embrace mobility and their cmosCIOs who fail to embrace mobility as a top priority in 2015 will put their organisations’ digital strategies — and their own careers at risk. That's the blunt warning from Forrester Research.

Next Telecom Australia's BroadSoft leader

43616 next telecom australia s broadsoft leader
Next Telecom says it is one of Australia's largest providers of IP telephony services based on the BroadSoft platform. Next Telecom launched BroadSoft based hosted IP PABX services four years ago by reselling services on the BroadSoft platform operated by Australian company, IP Systems, which was bought by Amcom in 2010.

In praise of WebRTC

Avaya, which claims to be the leading supplier of call centre systems, has just released software that turns a Chromebook into a fully functioning contact centre agent's terminal.

NBN sings the praises of fibre to the basement

NBN Co has provided a list of the first 43 apartment buildings to receive its fibre to the basement services, where individual units will be served via VDSL over copper, and has waxed lyrical about the advantages of the technology over fibre to the individual dwelling for multidwelling buildings.

Australian broadband going backwards (maybe)

nxt504-australian-broadband-going-backwards-maybeAkamai's latest 'State of the Internet' report became a huge source of news in Australia, and was seized on eagerly by critics of the Coalition Government's NBN policy as evidence of its flawed nature.

What's hot for medium sized businesses in 2015

Looking at the various offerings at what's hot for small and medium businesses in 2015 one stands out as being common across most of the diverse offerings: big data or, more correctly, data analytics.

Superusers excel in unified comms usage


End users in many organisations are now demanding access to a range of communications tools to enable them to work more efficiently and woe-betide any organisation that does not accommodate those demands.

Businesses shifting apps to the Internet

Within 12 months almost half of all businesses will have the majority of their business applications on the Internet, up from less than 20 percent of apps today, according to a survey.

Aussie businesses are confident risk takers


"Australian businesses," says the Sage Business Index 2014 "are optimistic about their own prospects, scoring their confidence at 63.71 points out of 100 [and] are more confident than many other countries when it comes to their national economy scoring it at 54.52, 2.89 points above the global average."

Small business must get social

There’s some really scary statistics in the Yellow Social Media Report, produced earlier this year by Sensis. It says that 69 percent of Australians now use social media, that 95 percent of those use Facebook and that the average Facebook user spends 8.5 hours per week on the site, a figure that has increased by 1.5 hours in just a year.