Businesses shifting apps to the Internet

Within 12 months almost half of all businesses will have the majority of their business applications on the Internet, up from less than 20 percent of apps today, according to a survey.

The research shows that companies are increasingly transitioning to delivering and consuming business applications via the Internet. Although 50 percent of respondents report running less than 20 percent of their business applications over the Internet today, 43 percent expect to deliver the majority of their applications over the Internet in the next year.

The ‘Trends in Application Delivery Strategies’ survey was conducted by Gatepoint Research for content delivery network operator Akamai earlier this year. Mike Afergan, senior vice president and general manager of Akamai’s Web Experience Business Unit, said: "Trends such as globalisation, telecommuting and mobility continue to drive the shift to Internet-delivered applications, and enterprises today are working hard to keep up.”

He added: ”These survey results reinforce the demand for technology that provides greater security, reliability and speed for their business critical web applications.

… Whether it's facilitating global collaboration, making any number of business critical applications available to employees independent of location or device, or transmitting big data sets around the world, enterprises are turning to the Internet to make it happen."

The most common applications currently running over the Internet are: websites and web applications (71 percent), email services (57 percent), content and collaboration sites and portals (51 percent), mobile or mobile web back-end apps (46 percent), and e-Learning (47 percent)

Fifty five percent of respondents cited big data as their top area of investment in 2014. Other key areas were: mobile or mobile web back-end apps (39 percent), websites or web applications (34 percent), content and collaboration sites and portals (34 percent), disaster recovery and backup services (26 percent) and customer relationship management (CRM) (28 percent).

Gatepoint Research polled 350 enterprise IT decision makers, 65 percent of them holding high-level management positions in Fortune 1000 companies. The participants hailed from a variety of industries, including business and financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications and transportation. Forty six percent represented global enterprises.


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