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NetComm's new reverse powered Gfast DPU portfolio delivers a faster, more efficient FTTH roll-out

NetComm announced an expansion to its Distribution Point Unit (DPU) portfolio

NetComm today announced an expansion to its Distribution Point Unit (DPU) portfolio, with new features that provide network operators the opportunity to connect millions more premises more cost effectively to ultra-fast broadband.

NetComm’s new range of DPUs will feature 4-port, 8-port and 16-port models that will enable network operators to service more premises from a single DPU – this will be particularly useful in delivering services to previously problematic Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs).

The on-ground reality is that broadband network operators have deployed a substantial amount of fibre over the last decade with around 33% of homes in Europe now passed by fibre running down their streets.

However, the big challenge for operators is connecting that street fibre to individual premises due to the cost and complexity of delivering fibre all the way into each premises.