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Fixed Wireless is going from rural to urban with NetComm’s new indoor 4G LTE Residential Gateway

NetComm has launched a new self-install CAT 18 - 4G LTE Residential Gateway that will allow network operators to activate more Fixed Wireless customers faster and more cost-effectively.

Fixed Wireless uses the mobile network to offer Fixed Broadband services and can be offered everywhere an operator has coverage, but the cost of supplying and installing an outdoor antenna can make delivering the service uneconomical in some cases.

To solve this problem, NetComm has created a new indoor Fixed Wireless CAT 18 - 4G LTE Residential Gateway that is easy for the customer to install and yet still ensures optimal performance in locations with good signal reception. 

Having both the option to install an indoor or outdoor device will significantly increase the potential market opportunity for operators. In remote locations, where the distance between the base station and end-user equipment is large, outdoor antennas are needed to ensure optimal link budgets.