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Dubber Now Available Worldwide With Broadsoft

Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB) (“Dubber” and “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company and Broadsoft have successfully completed testing for the interoperability (the coherent exchange of information between individual systems) of their respective technologies.

  • Dubber and Broadsoft complete interoperability program
  • Broadsoft is the leading global provider of unified communications solutions for more than 500 telecommunication service providers globally
  • Dubber announced as Platinum Sponsor for Broadsoft Customer and Technical Summits in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Warsaw and Johannesburg

This interoperability will enable telecommunications service providers (telcos) to integrate Dubber’s call recording platform into their existing Broadsoft software without needing any additional hardware.

Broadsoft’s over 500 telecommunication service provider clients will be able to use the Dubber cloud based software technology on a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription basis.

Steve McGovern, Managing Director of Dubber Corporation Limited said:

“The market for business telecommunications is moving rapidly towards unified communications and, with it, true SaaS pricing. Dubber fills a void which currently exists regarding call recording in this model and the Broadsoft accreditation opens the door for the integration of Dubber into telcos around the world at a network level. We can provide a service which, to this point, has not been available to them or their customers.

“The Dubber call recording platform can be deployed onto a telco network within hours. It is multi-tenant and provides market leading functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional call recording platforms. End user customers will be able to ‘switch on’ recording seamlessly on a simple subscription basis.

“Initial reaction from telcos has been positive with many seeing it as a path to increased revenues and customer retention for both their SME and enterprise business solutions.

“Dubber is also pleased to confirm its Platinum Sponsorship position at the upcoming Broadsoft Customer and Technical Summits to be held in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Warsaw and Johannesburg.”

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About Dubber
The Dubber technology suite provides call recording and audio asset management in the cloud.
Dubber can be deployed globally and, likewise, recordings can be made, accessed and managed from anywhere in the world, instantly.

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