PSTN, You Need to Change When...........

Switching from your legacy phone system can really be an easy decision unless you have just spent a lot of money acquiring it. It is easy because of compelling reasons to change.

Quiubas SMS API to Expand SMS Messaging Connectivity Worldwide

Quiubas' SMS Interoperability agreements to facilitate instant mobile delivery to 200+ countries

Aether Mobile slashes roaming charges for business travellers

Aether Mobile, an MVNO who provides a global roaming mobile/cell service in over 200 countries for voice and SMS, with 3G data services available in 135 countries, has extended their service to business users worldwide.

Textstr Makes Texting Between Business and Consumer Possible On April 1st

Textstr announces the April 1st launch of its business SMS system to bridge the gap between a mobile web search and live text communication. Providing what mobile site visitors need, the SMS provider will cater to smartphone users in search of reaching out to businesses via text.

Global Advertising Network Gourmet Ads Spots Advertising Trends for 2012

Coming Year Will See Data-Based Media Buying, More Contextual Ads and Better Use of Mobile Advertising

Dialogue extends its Platinum Connectivity Coverage for Wholesale SMS at Mobile World Congress 2012

Dialogue Communications, leading specialist in global mobile messaging solutions, is strengthening the reach of its Platinum Connectivity Messaging Service for Wholesale SMS by adding new platinum countries. Dialogue will be attending next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (27 February – 1 March 2012) to engage with operators to further its international Platinum footprint and strengthen its presence in existing territories.

New tools to combat overseas mobile bill shock

SMS alerts, spend management tools and opt-out arrangements for Australians using their mobile phone overseas will become available soon under a new Australian Communications and Media Authority standard announced today.

National Relay Service upgrade improves lives of people with disability

Australians who are Deaf, hearing or speech impaired will now be able to live more independently thanks to two new communications services switched on today.

eBuddy Introduces eBuddy XMS, Free Real-Time SMS for Smartphones Global Messaging Leader Enters New, Fast Growing Text Messaging Sector

Global messaging leader eBuddy (with 30million users, including 500,000 in Australia) this week made Australia one of the first two countries in the world to receive eBuddy XMS, its newest free smartphone app. eBuddy XMS sends real-time free SMS messages from any smartphone to any other smartphone--whether Android or iPhone and is integrated with Facebook. (A BlackBerry version is due out soon.)

Sybase 365 Achieves New Milestone Delivering One Trillion Mobile Messages

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., the global leader in mobile messaging and mobile commerce services, today announced that it has processed more than one trillion inter-operator messages since the company launched the first SMS interoperability messaging hub in 2001. One trillion messages is equivalent to processing approximately 32,000 messages per second for every second of one year.