Dispelling the trade promotion myths

saw602 dispelling the trade promotion myths

A white paper from US publisher, Consumer Goods Technology (CGT), argues that many consumer goods companies and retailers are missing out on huge incremental revenue opportunities by failing to optimise their trade spending dollars.

Infinite Group deploys SalesAtWork across 600 strong European field sales force

salesatwork across 600 strong european field sales force

Australian enterprise scores on the international market. It was recently announced that UK's Infinite group has started working with field marketing solutions provider {cslimited}SalesAtWork{/cslimited}. This would appear to be the start of something big for the energetic Australian SalesAtWork as it consolidates their position on the world stage.

How to optimise trade promotions

saw605 how to optimise trade promotions

Consulting group LEK has set out, in an executive insight a four-step process that it says will enable consumer packaged goods companies to achieve maximum effectiveness from their spending on trade promotion activities.