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Infinite Group deploys SalesAtWork across 600 strong European field sales force

salesatwork across 600 strong european field sales force

Australian enterprise scores on the international market. It was recently announced that UK's Infinite group has started working with field marketing solutions provider {cslimited}SalesAtWork{/cslimited}. This would appear to be the start of something big for the energetic Australian SalesAtWork as it consolidates their position on the world stage.

Field marketing agency, Infinite Group, has been delivering field marketing services across Europe for some of the UK’s largest brands for over a decade. It’s now outgrown its in-house developed system and is looking to SalesAtWork to help support its 600 strong field workforce for tactical and strategic field marketing operations.

Nick Cresswell, Infinite Group’s Director of Support Services, said the company needed to find a solution that would enable it to offer a broader set of services to its growing client base.

SalesAtWork’s cloud-based solution will empower all of Infinite Group’s operators in the field to efficiently execute their in-store tasks with the aid of single mobile-enabled platform, that will be fully integrated with their other systems. This integration and the advanced features of SaleAtWork will ensure that it becomes Infinite's central repository for data.

Due to SalesAtWorks being cloud-based and its inherent "out of the box" ease of use. Infinite Group will be able to get it up and running quickly without the need for costly, time-consuming consulting.

As a platform for field marketers, SalesAtWork encourages a process that delivers optimal client effective sales interactions.

It empowers the field teams to deliver against targeted client objectives and actions. It provides the feedback that enables proactive, measurable field marketing activity and ensures transparency and online data access for clients.

Infinite's in store team will be able to remain focused on client services while at the same time reap the benefits of greater data collaboration across the organisation. As SalesAtWork enables a process that drives easy, accurate data entry delivering quantifiable results, Infinite is better able to benchmark and analyse data at a granular level and expose results in online Dashboards.

SaleAtWork, CEO, Colin Rosen remarked that "Infinite Group with SalesAtWork as their technology partner are both on the road to growth as they broaden their capabilities across Europe."


SalesAtWork embodies all the necessary features required to deliver industry 'best sales practise', SalesAtWork sets the standard to allow different industries to consistently focus on, evolve and improve sales processes.

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