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Video Visit™, the Industry’s First Multi-Person, Secure Video Conferencing Tool

Patients today are selecting health care providers with the patient experience in mind. To stay competitive, hospitals must provide an exceptional patient experience and provide the highest quality care. To help hospitals and health systems improve both the patient experience and patient-provider communication, Skylight Healthcare Systems has released its next generation secure video conferencing solution, Video Visit™.

Video Visit eliminates the distance between patients and providers, improves communication, and helps address the emotional and physical needs of patients to connect with those they care about outside the hospital room. Skylight Video Visit uses a webcam and Skylight’s interactive patient engagement technology to simultaneously connect patients with up to four individuals located outside their room. This can include friends and family members, hospital staff, patients or doctors. The group chat feature supports interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary rounding to improve the communication between members of a care team and between the care team and the patient.

McLane Children’s Hospital, part of Baylor Scott & White Health, currently uses Skylight’s iCareConnect video conferencing to deliver an exceptional patient experience and connect pediatric patients with their classroom and friends. The hospital also plans to use the video conferencing capabilities to enhance the level of customer service it provides.

“With the video conferencing capability we are able to conference into the patient room if we have a question about a patient’s request,” said Jaylee Hilliard, RN, MSN, director of patient and family services for McLane Children’s. “Children need toys, games and entertainment during their stay and often request such items. Sometimes we have questions about the book they requested or we have more than one option. With video conferencing we won’t deliver the wrong item. We can use video conferencing to show the child what we have available and then deliver what they want, the first time.”

Video Visit is Skylight’s next generation inpatient video conferencing solution. The new version builds on Skylight’s previous video conferencing solution, iCareConnect. Video Visit enables group chat sessions of up to four individuals and patient-to-patient video capabilities. Skylight Healthcare Systems provides the industry’s only interactive patient engagement platform to offer secure video conferencing.

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