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Live webinar: Govt 3.0 - How cutting edge web technology simplifies digital citizen engagement

Tuesday 17 April | 11AM - 12PM AEST
Over the past few years, two thirds of Australians have used digital channels to interact with government. Increasingly sophisticated websites remain the centrepiece of digital engagement, however adjacent communications channels including integrated email, mobile and social media platforms are now also primary channels for providing efficient government services and stakeholder engagement online.

Digital stakeholder engagement can seem onerous and overly complex, with a plethora of tools required to succeed in the space – however this does not have to be the case!

Join our webinar to see how cutting edge, unified web technologies take digital citizen engagement to the next level using advanced capabilities including website personalisation and optimisation, integrated social media interaction and automated multi-channel service delivery.

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Digital citizen engagement - How to take improve your online strategy
Case studies - See examples of other government departments and agencies
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