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SMBs’ telework take-up accelerates

The percentage of Australian small businesses with employees teleworking has risen from 57 to 64 percent in six months, according to a survey undertaking by accounting software company, MYOB.

Of the 1022 Australian SME operators surveyed, 27 percent indicated that they have staff who work partly from home and partly from the business premises, 37 percent said they have staff who work mainly from a location other than on-premise and the remaining 36 percent said that all staff work on premise.

MYOB also asked respondents about the locations their workers operated from. Fifty percent said ‘mainly on the road’ and 39 percent said ‘mainly from home’.

Of those that did not use teleworking at all, 41 percent said their business was not suited to it because employees needed to be on site at all times. Twenty one percent said were unable to give a reason. Ten percent said it was too disruptive and another 20 percent said they had not assessed or not put in place systems to manage the risks associated with teleworking.

MYOB chief technology officer, Simon Raik-Allen, said: “Teleworking is an increasingly attractive proposition as more business operators become comfortable with using advanced hardware, software and online services. They’re more comfortable with how technology transforms the way we work and how we communicate with each other. A greater number of operators are realising the bottom line benefits, and a wider range of cost-effective telework-enabling technologies are entering the marketplace.”

He added: “Our research shows teleworking can play a vital role in business success, providing benefits including increased efficiencies and productivity, reduced overheads and happier employees. It’s about implementing the right technology and learning to make the most of it to maximise your own and your team's effectiveness. A well-structured and tailored teleworking program can ensure more businesses reap the rewards and attract and retain the best staff who can deliver from anywhere.”

The survey results were released to coincide with the second National Telework Week (http://www.telework.gov.au/national_telework_week), an Australian Government initiative that included the Telework Congress 2013 (http://teleworkcongress.com.au).

This year’s Telework Congress focused on the theme of management and leadership to support telework. Audio files of all the presentations are available for download from the web site.


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