Yelp offers COVID-19 upgraded reopening tools for local businesses and restaurants

Tech giants and all the major corporations are doing their best within their scope to support businesses in these times of Crisis. Google started off with the Ad credits for SMEs and Yelp has now introduced some upgraded tools for local businesses for reopening. It also helps by modifying the waitlist to help restaurants better manage the mandatory social distancing norms of the pandemic.

Responsive Web Design Tips & Tricks

Now those days are gone when web developers would design and develop websites for desktop screens,Responsive web design has become a need of the moment especially for businesses trying to draw the attention of mobile users. So here are 7 tips and tricks for responsive web design-

Can data visualisation improve the experience of the mobile web?

It may be difficult to prioritize the cellular enjoy whilst it frequently appears like a compromise. Don’t encompass as an awful lot textual content. Remove some of your pics. Stay away from features that get within the cell tourist’s way. It’s type of like a discern who tells you, “Go out and have a good time, but don’t do X, Y or Z!” It’s now not always that a mobile visitor desires a shorter page, much less textual content or fewer pics to extra effortlessly consume content on a smartphone. They just want the content you provide them to not feel like a lot work.

Why Your Business Needs A Website: Top 5 Reasons

BroJee has come up with this post to introduce you with 5 reasons to have a website for your business. In this post, you will learn why having a website for a business is important.

Guidelines to change your WordPress Theme

Change is what every person looks for when they seek out a thing. They want change and uniqueness to it. This argument can be said the same for your WordPress website. Many things come to mind when you go to change a WordPress Theme such as will there be any site data lost? What are the steps to customize a new theme? And so on.

Guide to develop E-learning Website over WordPress

With newer and versatile technical applications, the innovation brought by humans is shaping humanity for the long run. Like the innovation of conventional classroom practices into more digitized and smart sessions. Hence, enters e-Learning WordPress where students can test their potential while going through the study material online which can also help in their education.

19 Tools And Resources to Build an MVP From Scratch

How much does it cost to build an MVP? 10, 20, 30, or even 100 thousand dollars? The answer will surprise you. When you are planning a budget for an MVP, you include a lot of costs: team, quality, marketing, and so on. And of course, the higher the quality of the product, the higher the price. But what if there is a very limited budget, and you still need to is develop a product? A thorough product research guarantees success to your entrepreneurship. Coming up with a product idea is only halfway down the road. Build your application without a single line of code, using 19 MVP tools.

Significance of Error Log in the WordPress Website

You surely want to know the reasons and location of errors on your WordPress website. Enabling WordPress error log is the finest idea to keep tracking of errors. This is also known as the debugging method. You need to place some syntax in the Wp-config-file of WordPress located on the rot directory.

8 Hacks to Improve the Loading Speed of your WordPress Website

Fast loading website is the first thing any visitor would see on your business website. Every website owner wants to increase WordPress site speed. But is it easy to have a WordPress website that loads quickly? Why it is necessary and how to create a WordPress website that loads fasts?

Short Information About WordPress Common Errors

In this press release, the reader will get to know about some common WordPress common errors, their reasons, and solutions. Read carefully this content, it will help you to solve these errors if they hit your website.