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What Your Web Designer Didn't Tell You About Wordpress

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Wordpress is the most popular CMS. Wordpress powers millions of websites globally and is Open Source software. Being Open Source the code is available to everyone, while this can be of great benefit it can also leave businesses open to hackers

Wordpress started offering self hosted blogging software in 2003. Since then self hosted Wordpress installations have exploded and the Wordpress platform is now a recognised CMS and used by millions of websites around the globe and billions of visits to these websites each year.

Wordpress is Open Source software. This means the code to the software is publicly available to developers so that improvements can be enhanced for the entire Wordpress community. While this has some major advantages which give novice users the ability to create fantastic websites it also leaves open the potential for websites to be hacked.

In most circumstances Wordpress hacks are done by scripts or script injections which exploit a vulnerability in the coding. In many instances the hacks are done as an annoyance and to give the person sending out the script injections a sense of worth, however the truth is in many cases that the person hacking your site has little real coding knowledge and is just following the herd or trying to impress friends.

Often businesses will want a website developed that post development they can add pages, modify content and build on themselves. An obvious choice for developers is Wordpress because of the ease of use to the end user. This reduces developers post support requirements and allows them to get on with other work. The problem with this is that Wordpress releases multiple script updates every year and normally to plug holes in the previous version allowing website hackers or script kiddies to gain access and damage Wordpress websites.

Wordpress website owners should request their developer installs the software via a script installer available in most Cpanel Hosting (Media Fortress offers Fantastico, Softculos and Installatron)

which can notify the end user when an update is available. If this isn't possible or you already have a site installed, you may want to consider a external service like Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster tools will also notify you when your scripts are out of date.

While it is a very good practice to back up your website regularly, you should always run a back up of the website and database prior to running any Wordpress updates. Some Wordpress updates can affect the code in your websites theme and cause them not to display correctly. Should you not feel confident in updating your website personally we highly recommend you speak to your developer or web host as many offer updating services.

Choosing a web host that provides free technical support is a must. As a general rule of thumb you should choose a web host that is close to your graphical location. Media Fortress provides Australian Hosting and US hosting with Free Technical Support.

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