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Having a website for any kind of business is a must in today’s competitive scenario but what about having an attractive design of the website that directly appeals the senses of the user. Get in touch with Jeewangarg – The Best Website Designing Company in Delhi to get the Appealing Website Designs.

The most cherished fantasy now a day is to have a website whether it’s a company or a kid, professional or a homemaker, cottage industry or a multinational, rural or corporate, retailer or online marketer, or whomsoever or whatsoever one maybe. We all wish to get known across the globe in just a flash or two.

And the best way is to have a website to let the world know who we are. But here, there’s a catch. It’s just not the website which serves the most cherished dream rather it’s an interactive one which does so.

The website should be appealing, captivating, mesmerizing and informative to keep the visitors on the other end engaged, interested, cheerful and tempted to make them coming again and again, now and then, day after day and ever.

With said so let us share with you the steps to design an interactive website which can neatly make you stand out of the clutter and keep bringing traffic along with other meaningful conversions. We are a website designing company in Delhi  and are the foremost choice when website designing company in Delhi NCR is looked for.

You can bank on us and if you would follow our all 7 steps, one after the other, there is nothing as such to hold you back from making a compelling, tempting and the most interactive website where the world would love to surf and get engaged. Here we go –

1)       An emphatic – “About us”

About us imparts a major thrust in making a website interactive. It briefs the visitors about your whereabouts and provides them with a glimpse of whom they are visiting and are about to start their endeavors.

2)       Proper Contact Details: Proper contact details allow your visitor/prospect to contact you once he found you to be a reliable professional whom he can rely on. Provide him with few options to contact you as per his convenience and feasibility.

It could be your email id, postal address, Whats App number, messenger, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Instagram or any other means you feel will add to his convenience to contact you.

3)       Social media links: Social media links access to your visitors helps them to contact you and know your other activities, your relations with others, your social circle, your other ongoing events you are involved in and your acceptance by the society that what your peers and friends think about you.


4)       Search option:  Search options are a must to let your visitors keep visiting you regularly as they can directly reach to the point they wish to surf without unnecessarily wasting their time in searching for the information they are looking for. This will make your website a preferable one for them as they can easily get the information they are looking for.

5)        Feedback: Feedback work as your eyes and ears to know what people think about your website and what they are interested in to receive from you. They make you move out of your ivory towers and deliver what delights your visitors/prospects and what they value for.

6)       Chat Box:  Chat box encourages visitors to directly ask you what are they there for. This also provides you with an opportunity to win their trust and reduce the sales cycle, as this will immediately fill the gap and expedite the transaction.

7)        Subscription Box: Subscription option provides your visitors an option to get connected to you forever and keep receiving your all updates to remain informed and revert when he may require your services.  

It’s interesting to see you reaching here with us. Hope you have enjoyed the journey and by now have gathered enough inputs to design and develop a captivating interactive web site. 

If you are looking for a website company in Delhi or looking for a website company in Delhi NCR, Jeewangarg.com is the best choice to go for. It is a renowned website designing company in Delhi rather it’s the most reckoning name when talking about website designing company in Delhi NCR .

They are catering to Australia, the US, UK and other European countries since last 7 years. With the most competent team of analysts, designers and developers they have completed more than 200 interactive websites and are providing complete Digital Marketing Solutions under one roof.

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