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Why do enterprises look for Drupal Development company for Website Development?

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After the advent of Drupal 8 in 2015 and with its updated versions, government organizations and enterprises seem to be much more inclined towards Drupal. Businesses have already started preferring Drupal over other existing CMS. In the below article, I will share the dominating features of Drupal, which makes it the choice of millions.

Drupal is one of the powerful and flexible Content Management Systems (CMS). Being open-source software, developers often prefer it for web development, app development, web-app development, and as a CMS.

Drupal is apt for every scale of the business. It helps you arrange and showcase every type of content in a pleasing manner.

So, be it, if you have textual content, infographics, tabular format or rich-media content; it will all be arranged in a well-organized and presentable form. 

The type of website is entirely your choice; Drupal is go-to for static as well as dynamic websites. From bringing an understandable digital presence to the state-of-art designing of an e-commerce store of your own; you can have the back of Drupal development company.

Drupal employs LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) technology and provides community support of around 109,000 users. So, even if you are stuck somewhere, you aren't left along, connect with the community and get your issues resolved in real-time. 

Drupal is an SEO friendly, design-oriented CMS that can be well-implemented to design and boost your website performance. Now, let me share the key reasons behind enterprises preferring Drupal for digitizing their businesses. 


1. Flexibility: Drupal enables access to a content construction kit. So, you can assign the roles and permissions to different users up to varying extents. Drupal's backend is easy-to-use, which allows numerous people to use it, even without any sound technical background. If you have performed a successful installation of Drupal, you can witness fantastic improvements in the performance of your website. Drupal has a huge-support of user-contributed libraries, which enable businesses and government bodies to offer social media capabilities. 

2. Ease of use: Earlier, Drupal is known to be the right fit for the developer's community only. That's the critical reason for Drupal not gaining popularity in the early days. However, Drupal 8 came up with improved editor usability. Now, the backend editing is much easier for users, as they can change the layout of blocks, check content previews, drag and drop images and content, shape toolbars as per one's choices, and so on. 

3. Data security: If it's about digitizing your web store or content of your enterprise-grade business; safety is the primary concern. Drupal allows access to the issue tracking system, which enables users to track the security issues if any and fix them instantly. As per the security updates the collective efforts of a vigilant security team, keep an eye on the new source-codes and updates added. They check if the contributed code follows the set of guidelines decided. 

4. Third-party Integration: Drupal doesn't restrict the functionality of your website. Instead, it empowers you to make most of your business. Drupal 8 entirely revolutionized the ecosystem of CMS. It allows third-party software integration to your website to enable data exchange with any other system. This can be helpful to convert the data of your site to be presented in a distinct format, in different scenarios. 

5. Scalability: Drupal easily enables the implementation of changes with a variety of modules available. Apart from the standard ones, if you want to opt for alternative ones, you can check those modules and add them for free. You can also check for the tools that can be profitable for your platform and link it easily whenever needed. If you want to add functionalities of your choice, you can always connect with the Drupal development company to hire the best resource to implement your ideas. 

At present, Drupal is easily accessible to users as well as developers. Drupal 8 strictly follows the ATAG 2.0 and WCAG-2.0 accessibility guidelines, which further makes web architecture more understandable and presentable.

The online groups and the global Drupal community can be equally helpful to the businesses to explore more opportunities. 

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