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Short Information About WordPress Common Errors

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In this press release, the reader will get to know about some common WordPress common errors, their reasons, and solutions. Read carefully this content, it will help you to solve these errors if they hit your website.

New York, USA: A meeting was organized in New York City to discuss different common errors of WordPress. 

Several common errors occur in WordPress website, which is highlighted below:

WordPress 404 Error 

The WordPress 404 error is possibly the most usual error that users face in their WordPress website. In this error, the user receives a message of 404 error, which means that the page you are looking in the website is not available. It happens because the page might be removed from the website. May be user has mistyped the URL of the website. There might be some issues with the .htaccess file of the WordPress website. Users also need to check the permalink structure of the website through the WordPress admin panel.  

Error Establishing a Database Connection

When a website is unable to connect the database for unknown reasons, then Error Establishing a Database Connection  occurs.

The database is like the storage of the website, where all the essential information on the website is kept. It has web pages, content, plugins, themes, and all that. If the database of the website is unable to connect, then your WordPress website doesn’t function. You can fix this error by interacting with your hosting service provider. You can also check the Wp-config-PHP file if there any changes happen on the file. If you don’t know how to edit the file, just take the help of WordPress engineer. There is a high chance that your website is hacked and hackers have tried to dismantle the website. Change your database credential immediately to avoid any cyber threats.

WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

One of the few errors that are users encounter in the WordPress website is WordPress 500 error , and it happens because of undetected issues happens in the server ends. The reasons for WordPress 500 error are: 

  • A damaged .htaccess file 
  • Your website PHP memory gets exhausted 

Well, you should check your .htaccess file and find if any issue takes place in the file. If there is an issue, then you should regenerate the .htaccess file and overwrite this file to the existing file and upload it in the server 

If the PHP memory of the website exceeds the limit, then increase your limit through WordPress developers or hosting providers. 

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WordPress Error 500WordPress Error 500
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