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11 reasons to choose PHP for web application development

PHP DevelopmentWith the Internet reaching over millions of websites, the web continues to become the main source of absorbing content. If you are looking to create an exceptional quality web applications and websites then choose PHP. The versatile and capable scripting language with varied features, making your web pages interactive and lively. This feature rich language adds a lot of functionality to the site and helps you to act together with the scripts.

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The amount of time spend on building a website can be considered as a prudent investment. With PHP, dynamic website development Make an Inquiry about this news is very easy and faster than any other programming language.

So, here are the top 11 unique advanced features of PHP that makes it most widely used programming language:

Open Source

PHP is freely available under PHP general public license. Along with PHP most of its required softwares like text editors, MySQL and Apache Server are also freely available.

It is recognized universally as an open source language providing the best tools and ultimate solutions to meet all your website needs.

Cross Platform

PHP allows you to create cross platform applications as it works best on LINUX, UNIX and Windows platforms. It interfaces easily with MySQL & Apache and is highly compatible with prime web servers and operating systems, making it easily deployable across several different platforms.

User Friendly

PHP offers users ease out of the programming language.

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It provides flexibility to learn and removes the complexities of learning the syntax or architecture of a new language.

PHP is highly secured and scalable as compared with other languages.

Quicker Development

Making websites with PHP is concise and straightforward. It is an instant and fast programming language catering to meet all business needs.

PHP works well with web , HTML and accessing the GET and POST are built-ins in this server side scripting language.

Multi Layer Security

PHP provides you the best secured way to protect your site from malicious attacks, threats and viruses. It comes with multiple layer of security to protect your site from bugs and its security levels can be easily adjusted in the .ini file to keep you safe from intruders.

High performance

PHP reduces the development time and workload of the server by using its own memory. It operates much faster on a conventional web stack and use apache web server that increases the processing speed. 

PHP is a mature language that retains the speed even when used with other softwares.


PHP is an ideal programming language providing maximum level of flexibility as compared with other languages. PHP is best fit for custom requirements of your business as its modular system is capable in itegrating this language with several libraries like XML and more.


PHP, an innovative language comes with numerous extensions to extend its core functionalities. It helps the user to control the source code with XML manipulation.

With this feature, you can modify and integrate with any kind extension settings.


PHP has the capability to handle websites with a lot of traffic. Being  a server side scripting language, you can do anything like other CGI program can do, such as sending or receiving cookies, generating dynamic page content and more.

Widely visited websites like twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia use PHP as their framework.

Double end web development

PHP can be used for both front-end and back-end web development, thus leading to faster web development. This double end development helps PHP programmers Make an Inquiry about this news to easily modify the present conditions of the site just by changing a single code.

Compatible with All Platforms

PHP is compatible with all the famous OS systems like Unix, windows and so forth. It provides versatility to the users by providing variety.

PHP also supports apple’s MAC and Linux, thereby making it the top most programming languages.


If you are ready to build dynamic website then choosing PHP is absolutely the right choice. It allows managing and upgrading of your website without any trouble.

Offering a plethora of benefits this feature rich language is available for free and is compatible with various platforms. Develop web wages with PHP and excel in the world of internet by sustaining your identity in this cyber world.

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