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Laravel as the foremost PHP framework in 2017

Laravel php framework

To meet the project’s requirements, developers have to decide upon a framework which will help them to code better and faster. Laravel tops the list of PHP frameworks that enables code re-use and is preferable by almost all Web development companies.

Let’s have a bird eye view at some of its fascinating features:

  1. Testing: Every release of Laravel is thoroughly tested to ensure that application does not break.
  2. Authentication Technique: Authentication techniques can be implemented in a very lucid way.
  3. Blade: Blade enabled views are compiled into basic PHP code and cached before modification. This practice essentially adds negligible overhead to application being developed. Developers get benefit of making use of Sections and template inheritance in their code.
  4. Laravel Routing: Routing becomes an easy task with Laravel accepting a URI and Closure. D:FreelanceAastha PallavRoting.PNG
  5. Pagination: In integration with Eloquent ORM and query builder Laravel’s paginator provides very convenient and easy to use pagination of database. The HTML generated after pagination process is simpatico with Bootstrap CSS Framework.
  6. Dependency Injection: Performing dependency injection and managing class dependencies becomes easy with Laravel service container.
  7. Documentation: Free training services are provided on Laravel by Laracasts which includes free and paid videos.
  8. Learning: Laravel is easy to comprehend and to be used by novice programmers. Lots of detailed documentation is available, which makes it easy to be learned and implement.
  9. Application Logic: Use of route declarations or controllers helps in integrating application logic which gives flexibility to developers for creating applications of any size.
  10. Web Services: Object oriented libraries with auto complete feature are included in Laravel web services.
  11. Exception Handling: Handling exceptions is easy with detailed stack trace
  12. HTTP Handlers: Restful routing controllers / HTTP middleware, enable control of logic behind HTTP GET and POST requests.
  13. DB Handling: Laravel has built in database version control and query builder functionalities. In addition to this Laravel database migration makes it extremely easy for the developers to sync between application and database.
  14. Application’s third party packages can effectively managed by Laravel
  15. MVC: Laravel supports MVC architecture like Symfony which improves application performance along with multiple built in functionalities
  16. Artisan Console: Artisan is a build in tool for command line provided by Laravel. It helps eliminate redundant tasks and is thus used by Laravel developers extensively
  17. Security: Bcrypt hashing algorithm used by Laravel and usage of salted and hashed passwords rather than plain texts makes its application more secure than general PHP development . In addition to this, use of prepared SQL statements makes injection attacks a distant dream for hackers.
  18. Caching: Different API’s are provided for various caching systems in Laravel.


With all its amazing features, Laravel has outshined most of the popular PHP frameworks and is clearly the winner in 2017.Also, Lumen, a micro PHP framework, introduced by Laravel community recently helps developers in rapid application development.

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