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The benefits of user experience design for e-commerce business

No one bothered about user experience few years back. Once the concept was frozen, the race to successfully develop and test the requirement started. Importance of user experience is a late conception of the industry.


The competition today for any type of product, be it online shopping site or mobile phone, has sprung up. While everyone can hire an expect eCommerce website design company Make an Inquiry about this news, user experience turns out to be one of the most distinguishing factors.

If we talk of user experience in ecommerce sector, it simply means that the product design and usability should be user friendly and satisfactory enough, so that the probability of converting a user into customer becomes higher.

Why it is important for your business, is something we all need to understand before anything else.

Let's take a look on some detailing on how UX influences your business.

1. It increases revenue

Any implementation which impacts the overall sales with revenue growth can be termed as profitable. UX is a major determinant when it comes to online shopping experience.

This experience comprises of all the elements of usability and convenience.

Speed of browsing, response of website, appealing content and easy checkout are some of the factors that influences the customer experience. Amongst all, speed of loading or response is one of the preliminary experiences for any customer.

In a survey by Kissmetrics, majority of people would wait for 6-10 seconds for the web page to load and then abandon that page. Also, if the page response delays by even 1 second then the website will have to suffer a reduction in its conversions amounting up to 7% .

An attractive web page can compel any user to spend more time on website and explore it. A quick and lucid checkout experience can be one of the stronger reasons for purchases made from any website.

Overall, a good user experience results in more purchases and greater revenue. It is important for any e-commerce company to employ UX experts, conduct user research and analyze user data analytics to inculcate usability components in their website.

2. It encourages saving

The saying precaution is better than cure can be implemented here in a way. A preliminary implementation of usability features in the website can save many expenses that can be incurred in the later phases.

Prior to creating, designing a correct product is important. UX research and design processes should be employed in the design phase of the product to avoid any recurrent and repetitive work in further phases of development and release.

Any alteration in design post the design phase invites reoccurrence of number of development phases which extends the delivery date. In turn, this extension increases the overall project cost.

Sorting out UX features in the design phase also avoids the unexpected time and money consumption in development. After production, any change would mean more investment on engineering and testing.

Usability testing

Usability testing is one of the very important pre-production steps. Any changes required from UX point of view can be sorted here and accordingly changes can be made.

Post production and release, any UX implementation would invite expenditure on releasing updates.

A lucid and simple user design helps the user in greater understanding of the product/features and the ways to use it. Difficulty at any step instigates the user to take help of customer support functionalities.

Company will have to keep a different budget for a robust support system.

 Initial money spent on UX can ultimately be a money saver in your product's over all journey.

3. Enhances customer loyalty and conversion rates

Customer loyalty is an important consideration when it comes ecommerce business. Online usage is the only gateway for them to boost their business.

UX becomes of foremost importance to attract customers.

UX can be very well exploited in a number of ways. Appealing, unique and easy website design is the first stepping stone towards creating a customer base.

A great shopping experience is a remembrance and the user can very easily be converted into a customer.

The increase in customer base enhances the popularity and revenue of the website.

Creating user interactive websites is currently in trend. It attracts more customers and imparts a personalized experience.

You can always go ahead and hire magneto programmers Make an Inquiry about this news for the same.

Personalized web experiences guiding the user to shop, like suggesting related items and price changes/offers on selected items have the history of winning customer loyalty.


UX implementation is an efficient way of utilizing resources and saving money. Modern customers have become very aware of their needs and satisfying them takes something more than just technology and good product.

Positive customer experience is a must when any ecommerce business heads the UX way. It is mandatory for every business owner to inculcate UX features and create a great experience rather than a great website.

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