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5 ways to use web analytics for business and increase sales

Web Analytics is the key to track business opportunities, increased sales and better conversion. Whether you are running a small e-commerce store, your personal blog or selling some product/service, web analytics will help you drive better results, bring visitors and increase sales.

The face of business has changed over a decade and the majority of them have dumped off the traditional ways to reach customers. Websites in this context have played a vital role in transforming the face of the business and reaching customers.

No matter, what’s the size of the business, unless you do not have a website, you are no longer in the game.

However, having a website is not enough, unless you are not analyzing the key metrics.

“92% of high-performing organizations strongly agree that harnessing the power of analytics is strategic to future success” (Huffington Post)

If you are not aware of what Web Analytics is and how it helps you, have a look at it.

Web Analytics comprises of collection and review of web data. It is normally used to analyze the behavior of people on your website.

Have a look at some of the key benefits to find what web analytics can reveal to you.

  • Web Analytics helps to collect regional data information to know where your website visitors came from. Based on these demographics, you can target your customers according to their specific needs and pain points.
  • Web Analytics is helpful in collecting the data relevant to keyword search through which they were redirected to your website using search engines.
  • Web Analytics help you to evaluate and adapt marketing campaigns in real time to maximize your revenue and reduce the cost.

As a business and website owner, you got the idea of how important it is to analyze your website data. Imagine, how would you harness the power of analytics to boost your business revenue and learn from the user’s behavior.

By analyzing and collecting the data from web analytics you can determine the path and lead your business to the pinnacle of success. How could you utilize the power of web analytics as a business owner? Let’s have an overview.

Analyze Your Traffic Sources

“High performers are 4.6X more likely to use data to drive business decisions versus simply keeping score”

What is more important for a business owner, having a website – “Traffic”? Your traffic exceeds millions, but conversions are zero, how would you justify it. What’s more important is whether the traffic is coming from the potential customers or people who just stumbled upon your website through specific keyword.

Moreover, web analytics is also helpful in determining the success of your marketing campaign. Tracking your marketing campaigns such as Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Paid Searches will help you learn more about what’s working and how to improve it in the future.

By analyzing the marketing campaigns, you will know more about conversion rates and strategically allocate budget on marketing channels that work best for you.

Who’s Your Target Audience

While recognizing your target audience, you can’t make the guesses all by yourself. You need to put some effort to determine the demographics data in order to benefit your business.

Once you find the gender and age of your target audience, it would be easier for you to have a benchmark.

Moreover, location is also an important factor to determine specific locations from which majority of traffic is driving. Once you have come up with the information, you can assess your current strategy and execute more focused campaigns for targeting the audience in an appealing manner.

Optimize Your Landing Page & Keep Eye on Bounce Rate

Landing pages play a vital role in bringing the majority of traffic to your website and lead to conversion. You have to check the metrics of your landing page frequently to know which users are redirected from other referrers as well as search engines.

Landing pages must be optimized carefully to make sure that only relevant information is given to the audience. Avoid too many information and overload of text and images.

Moreover, bounce rates also determine the level of engagement that your website is offering. Driving a good amount of traffic with high bounce rate will lead to little to no conversion.

For instance, if thousands of visitors come to your website and after a few seconds opt out of it, what benefit are you getting? You are just losing the business opportunity by not attracting the visitors to stay on your website for more than a minute. Make sure to improve the content and optimize each page according to its relevancy.

Make Use of Heatmaps

Heatmaps and in-page analytics are helpful in determining the user behavior on your website in real time. Call to action buttons will not always deliver the expected results and that is why you need to find out what’s working.

With the help of heatmaps, you can find out what placement makes the people take the desired action on your website and which ones are never even explored.

ClickTale and CrazyEgg are some of the popular heatmap tools to map the activity of the users on your website. The basic version comes with limited functions, while premium ones are optimized with greater features that would allow you to track campaigns, conversion funnels and visitors recording.

What Your Customers Want

The number of data sources actively analyzed by high-performance businesses will grow by 150% by 2020”

Web analytics can also help you determine what people are looking for when visiting your website. Moreover, you can also check what pages are visited the most.

How did they stumble upon your website, what keywords they used and what traffic sources were most fruitful? By determining the search keywords, you will have a better picture of what people need and how you can target the keywords based on user’s searches.


Web Analytics is meant to offer you better business opportunities, more conversions, and increased sales. No matter, whether you are operating a small e-commerce website, or selling some software solutions Make an Inquiry about this news, web analytics play a key role in bringing visitors and increase conversions.

Web analytics has transformed the face of modern advertising and marketing campaigns. People are harnessing the power of this analytics to boost their marketing campaigns and have a better conversion on their website.

Are you ready to grow your business through this data or follow the same old path that you have been following for years without fruitful results?

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Ray Parker Make an Inquiry about this news is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 15 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writing and Digital Marketing with IQVIS. He has worked with several clients from all over the globe to offer his services in various domains with a proven track record of success.

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