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Web development trends which will revolutionize the tech world in 2018

We have collected the most reliable prediction to showcase what is trending in web development for the coming year. If you are looking forward to building or revamp your business website, then this article is a must-read for you.

The trends keep changing at a very fast rate. In order to be successful and build a brand, it is a must to keep track of the changes in IT trends.

By exploring the trends of tomorrow and implementing those before everyone does, your business can achieve the success.

Here are the top web development trends that will have an excellent impact on the industry in the year 2018:

  1. Interactive Chatbots

When it comes to business, it is very important to stay in touch with the clients and users all the time. Chatbots works as excellent software, which allows written as well as oral conversation.

Your website can be contacted at anytime from anywhere without any rigid customer service department. Chatbot development is going to pick up in 2018, as the progressive research has increased the accuracy and human-like tendency for chatbots.

Chatbots are designed to answer most frequent and common questions of customers, as a solution to their queries, the customers would be redirected to information pages or relevant web page. Additionally, if the customer is in need to complete a transaction, Chatbots always comes to the rescue.

Every good web development company in India Make an Inquiry about this news is looking forward to incorporating Chatbots as it is very user-friendly and extremely helpful for a website. So, expect them to grow and show up most frequently on websites this year.

  1. Push Notification in Websites

Push notification is a robust tool which is highly used by Top PHP Development Company Make an Inquiry about this newsto send direct information to their users. The user can get notified instantly with push notification regarding the change in sales, score of cricket or just a traffic update.

Push notification is an excellent way to communicate with the users on the website, the method is very innovative and it will increase the overall audience engagement without charging any additional cost. The user needs to authorize the notification to get started.

This feature is surely going to show up more frequently and poke you when you pass by your favourite store in 2018.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

We all use the mobile phone and addicted to one or another app as it is simple to use and easy to understand. The same format is incorporated in Progressive Web Applications.

These web applications can be used similar to that of mobile applications but they are websites is actual.

With reduced dependency on mobile-only environment and increased freedom of logging in from any devices, web apps have many features which are attracting the businesses towards them. Also, they can provide the user an app like experiences, the user can work offline too, and the information is stored in the cache.

It is trustworthy with features like push notifications. The overall maintenance cost of Progressive Web Apps is less on the pocket.

These apps can be developed quickly and are highly beneficial to the developers as well as the consumers. As every industry is finding them useful, 2018 could be flooded with amazing web apps to increase the user-friendliness.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has gained incredible popularity in the year 2017, the trend continues this year also. It remained the most searched keyword as per Google’s analysis.

The artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm by increasing the communication online with the help of neural network technology. With no shadow of doubt, AI development and its use in web products will increase.

And finally, AI will increase the overall productivity across different industries and also promote economic developments.

  1. PHP 7

PHP is the most loved scripting open source language by the developers due to its simplicity. As its previous versions, it’s self-explanatorily a hit already!

PHP 7 is a great tool to develop efficient Content Management Systems. A PHP code can be integrated across different platforms as it provides complete flexibility to the developer.

PHP is versatile and offers different add-ons, extensions, and frameworks. If you want to create a website at Affordable Web Design Services, then PHP is the first choice as it supports demand open source databases.

This is the reason why every top Web Development Company in India, like Xtreem Solution, prefers PHP programming language for Content Management System. It is a simple, instant and open source to develop alluring websites.

  1. Crypto-based financial products

Cryptocurrencies have been the most fascinating hype of last month of 2017 and the value is astonishingly increasing yet. Seeing people’s interest, there are some online marketplaces which have started to accept Bitcoins and other digital currencies.

Its acceptance in e-commerce shows that the e-shops will soon need to develop or integrate the payment gateways for digital payments too.

CIOs are booming side by side. Hence, it is good to assume seeing more crypto-based web products, marketplaces, exchange sites, digital wallets and some unexpected development will gain your attention sooner or later in 2018.

  1. Solo page websites

There are websites which have all information on one web page. In order to visit a particular section, you simply need to scroll or click on the link.

Basically, all the information is available on one long page. These websites are very simple to understand as well as navigate.

The best part is, single page website concept is a hit when it comes to smartphones. You can easily scroll and navigate to the desired section by just tapping on the link.

Additionally, the development is not heavy in the pocket. SEO-friendliness of these websites is another plus point.

More small businesses will consider having single page websites in 2018, making it a web development trend for the year.

  1. Interactive User Interfaces using motion and 3D

Integration of motion pictures (specially, optimized ones) and 3D Graphics will be used in the websites to attract the viewers. With change in Google’s algorithm, video content is getting priority in SEO too.

So, it’s like a win-win for its implementers.

User interface plays a major role in a website. The primary focus of Web Development Company in India is to create an interface which is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The user interface in motion allows you to make use of creating animations, motions, and actions to highlight important sections of the website. It is a creative way to navigate and engage the users.

The User Interfaces in motion can be customized as per the need to create attractive websites.

You can utilize it in your website this year, if willing to become the front-runner of this rising trend.

  1. User Behaviour Tracking

Businesses are looking for more insights and hence, integration of tracking scripts and tools will get more attention from developers as well as website owners. This will promote lead conversation to a great extent.

Till now, Google Analytics is the most commonly used tool to keep a track on user behaviors. There are also other prominent tools like WordPress which allows inclusion of third-party tools to track user behavior.

From 2018, Machine Learning, AI, deep learning, and NLP tools will be preferred more for the tracking of such information.

For better sales and revenues, it is crucial to track how different users react to different part of your website. With more details about user behaviour, you will be incorporate changes to serve them better.

Hence, behaviour and experience tracking will surely increase.

  1. E-commerce

E-commerce is the most booming industry with strong players and there is a forever-incremental shift in this sector. This year will not be a contradiction.

The e-commerce websites will start collecting more information of users and their preference based on the history of their search and behavior. There are several online stores which showcase relevant product to the users based on their preferences, but the trend will increase in 2018.

In short, you can expect more accurate search results and suggestions for shopping; Cool, no?

Apart from these trends, web development sector may shock you with some never-thought changes in the industry. So, keep an eye on our blogging corner Make an Inquiry about this news to stay updated with them.

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