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Mistakes in the UX design and how to identify them

There are many businesses that offer great service or product with high quality and after purchase service. But unfortunately, these businesses suffer lack of customers. Have you ever met a person who has so much knowledge or an extraordinary talent but never showcases it in front of the world? The first thing that pops ups in the mind is why would someone with great talent lag behind in competition with ‘ordinary’ people?


Communication is extremely vital! If you are doing a business, you need to take some efforts to reach out to your audience. No one is going to ask you whether you sell this product or service? In this digital era, it is common to have a website that displays all necessary information about the service or product or brand.

Having a website is not enough. Technology is changing every day.

Users are so immune to the change of technology that companies might not imagine how quickly they adapt to these changes.

Companies need to consider the fact that a website design you created in 2008 i.e. 10 years ago, will not impress users in 2018!

Since there are plenty of competitors in the market, users always have an option! Business owners and their teams must work out on updates after every period of time.

If you are experiencing an increased percent of bounce rate, do not simply ignore the scenario. In spite of offering best in the market, you might lose potential customers just because of poor UX.

UX i.e. user experience is nothing but creating a website that will impress the customers and reflects your brand quality. Poor UX or dull looking websites have very fewer chances of conversions.

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The business builds websites to attract new prospects and offer data to existing customers. If the UX is not updated, it might affect the percent of retention.

There are various tools in the market that will help you to analyze the rate of retention and bounce rate. Few of the popular ones are Spring Metrics, Woopra, Clicky, Mint, and Chartbeat.

Businesses need to analyze why there is an increase in bounce rate. If you really want to improve your User experience, you need to consider few factors such as customers’ point of view.

It might happen that you will not see what is exactly wrong on your website. But customers might feel in a different way.

The best way of identifying what is most frustrating in your website is asking it to the others. If possible, always ask your customers to give their valuable feedback.

This will help you in 2 ways. Customers will find you generous and their feedback will really help you in a significant way. Since they are the real users, they can point out the exact problems and issues on the website.

Be it a design issue, font issue, navigation problem, it can be best described by users themselves. If not possible to ask customers directly, you can ask your employees or team to identify issues on the website.

Customers are the primary reason our business is alive and that is why you must offer best user experience to them.

Compare your website with competitors’ website. Many competitors are the good teachers! Compare your website with theirs.

You can see the difference and analyze what good they have. When you visit their website, you are the user and it becomes easy for you to identify features.

Read! Yes. Read and learn the new trends in user experience and check whether you are following those trends. As mentioned earlier, the technology world sees new innovations and changes every day.

It is important to keep track of these trends and try to apply them to your website.

Hire UX design services. It is not necessary that companies have good skilled UX professionals.

Hiring website design services will help you get best resources to work with. UX design services deliver quality services in less time.

These professionals use latest technology and tools to develop the best website for you. They do thorough research of your business and study what exactly end users are looking for.

Accordingly, the website is developed.

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Let us see what common mistakes are made by companies in UX:

  1. Too complex website- Websites should be easy to understand. Companies add too complex graphics to the website and ambiguous navigations. If the customer does not find right navigation within 3 seconds, there are higher chances of a bounce back.
  2. Heavy images and videos- Adding heavy HD videos and images require high speed. It often happens that website takes too much of time to load because of images and videos. No matter how good or informative the video is, it is of no use if no one is watching it. Fix it as soon as possible by removing the videos and images or adjusting the pixels.
  1. Mobile optimization- Companies must understand that 70% of users surf on mobiles rather than computers. Many companies ignore this fact and do not consider mobile friendliness. If your website is not giving similar look on desktop and mobile, consider mobile optimization.
  1. Consider small features- If you have an e-commerce website, it should display Denim when typed denime. Users need not write correct spelling. Also, the color combination should be pleasant and related to your product.

These are the possible mistakes in your website and the ways to identify them. Businesses should not lose potential prospects because of poor UX.

It is important to spend time on this analysis and conduct a timely update on the website.


Always put your foot in the shoes of customers to identify what is wrong with your website and user experience. Comparing your website with competitors will help a lot.

The best way of retaining your customers is to hire UX design services. Website design services deliver high-quality solutions with expertise.

If you follow these techniques, soon you will experience a decrease in bounce rate.

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