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3 pillars of interface design


I know it sounds a little absurd to some of you, but the comparison has a reason, and that is the beauty of the mistletoe despite having its real characteristics of being a parasitic plant, which absorbs the nutrients from another plant.

Ever seen Mistletoe plan???

Yes commonly shown in Hollywood flicks, as a symbol of love during the chilling winters.

Hey, am I sounding so dramatic here???

Yes I was J

But didn’t mean to, because there was a hidden aim behind the very mention of the plant, and it was the purely comparison with the mobile app.

What a mobile app is compared with a plant???


In the same way, a mobile app with the great features turns into a victim of rejection just because the wrong interface design dilutes the users’ attention to the wrong corner of the room and everything falls apart.

Now got the reason behind the comparison???

You must have J

Well, my aim is not just to compare but to give the solution as well with this post, and here I want to say that a healthy interface design is based on 3 aspects or I would rather call these the PILLARS of strength.


App interface is all about the visualization of the app designer, who works on the app interface in a way, so the features and the functionalities of the app are not overlooked by the beauty, aesthetics, and the latest UI trends, so the users can perceive eventually how the mobile app actually looks and works.

But in this run sometimes, a few factors empower rest, leaving a blank which being incomprehensible is filled later with users’ rejection.

Hence it is very necessary for you to follow the magic of 3 Cs, which would be the driving agent for this article today…let’s take a look together.


The app UI design is primarily dictated by the colour, which lets the users stay engaged with the app and makes them understand that how the multi-functionalities of the app would really help them. With the color, you drive your app to boost brand recognition, offer a readable content, create accuracy in CTA, satiate the aesthetic hunger, make the navigation more appealing…and everything else which can turn your app into an irresistible piece would be covered by the colour. 


If colour and contrast outline the app then content fills it further. With content, your users know the role of the specific design and influence the users to use the app further.

If you are wondering about the types of content then there are different types…such as:

  • Images- You can add the interesting captions to reflect the mood or the message.
  • Illustrations- Users get encourages using the app further with the different styles of illustrations which transform the UI design to look more presentable.
  • Texts- Any content which gives the right idea of using the app to the users, be it on the home page, features or the functionalities is the part in this segment.
  • Video- Your app’s video teasers would be nothing if there is no attractive content to support it. Include the right content to reflect the features in the video.



The visual appeal of your app gets the recognition when there is the right amount of contrast is present in the app interface. Since, with contrast you are able to support and save the user interface elements, like:

  • Clarity- It allows the clarity to be a very much part of your mobile app, which allows your users to see the necessary data on the app’s different screens.
  • Readability- With contrast, the readability gets improved on your app, and any special information is not left behind.

I think I have made my point clear with this post, that to attain the successful app interface the inclusion of 3Cs is not an option but a mandate fact.

Albeit, I personally believe that every app is unique and has a different journey to reach different destination, thus never follow the Tried and tested formula, because in the app development company something which matters most is the UNIQUENESS, which is only possible when you decide your creative notion to get rejuvenated with each of the app product.

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