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10 most appealing real estate website designs which can grow your sales instantly

If you are in the real estate industry, you must be aware of recent technological advancements.


Companies around the world have started working a lot on their online presence. Everyone wants their business to get exposure on the internet. It is no surprise that with millions of people accessing the internet every day, businesses want to capture this traffic in order to sell their products and services.

However, creating an online presence is not as easy as some would say.

It is not only about creating a website and launching it for the people. Without the right tools and strategies, it is impossible for the people to find your business amongst a thousand others. SEO optimization, website design, useful content, etc. are the key ingredients to a successful business website.

In this article, we will be talking about one of those crucial elements which have a profound impact on the overall popularity of a website. Yes! We are talking about web design. The design and interface of your site are essential. It can either take your business to new heights or crash it down to the bottom. Let us have a look at the crucial aspects of a good website.

Key Aspects of a Good Website Design

If you are planning to build a new website for your business, you will come to know how important website design is. There are several real estate website design available to you at a price. But the main objective of investing in them is to create an ecstatic and high-quality website for your visitors.

No matter which design you choose, your customers will check whether it is easily accessible or not. Here are some important aspects that a good website should primarily focus on.

  • Navigation -   
    People who visit your website will navigate through the different pages present there. So a good website design will help them to surf through your site in a brilliant way. It will also allow them to view your services and products with ease. A complicated or crowded website is difficult to use and navigate through.
  • Visual elements - 
    A good website design will display important visual elements in an intuitive way. Visual elements are attractive and help you to easily show the customers what they can expect from your business. Readers are able to remember details and information which are present in a visual element in a more efficient manner.
  • Brand Uniformity - 
    when you are setting up a new website for your business, it must show your brand uniformity. To do this, the best way is to create a logo and print them in all your products. You should display it on your website as well.  Using a logo reflects that your business has a solid structure and uniformity. So a good site should always be accompanied by a unique and ecstatic logo.
  • Easy to read - 
    People who visit your website will always expect an easy and simple interface. We mentioned that before as well. But the site should be easily readable also. Your website design should feature standard font size and colors which can be read with ease. Do not try to complicate the fonts with funky or cursive fonts which becomes really difficult to read.
  • Compatible on mobile - 
    Nowadays a large section of people access different websites only from their mobile phones. Therefore if you want to impress your customer save generate more traffic, your site needs to be mobile compatible.

So here are some of the most critical aspects which a good website design should focus on. A website which implements these aspects creates a much better impact when compared to others. Now we will discuss the top 10 Fantastic real estate website design you can use.

The Best Real Estate Website Designs

When you are planning to establish a new real estate website, you will need to choose a good design. Website design company are responsible for the introduction of several new designs. But we have made your task easy because we have brought you top 10 website design that you can use to give your website a new makeover.

  1. PIER Commercial Real Estate  It is a popular and simple real estate website design which will surely impress you. The simplicity and quality of the interface make it great. The different categories have been placed at the top so that customers can easily check them.
  2. Kidder Mathews  It is one of the best website design that you can purchase. The website is intuitive and smooth as well. It has subtle font and colors that inevitably attract people to your site. These also look very aesthetic in the true sense.
  3. Alabama Association of Realtors 
    Features a big and clear logo on the home page. This website has a neutral scheme of colors which looks attractive and is also easy to read from any angle. The developers used small white circles over important categories and highlighted them.
  4. Pennsylvania Association of Realtors - Your readers, should be able to read all the content your site with ease. So this is one of the best website design available that will transform your website into an ecstatic landing site. Prominent buttons and white-blue finish gives a subtle look as well.
  5. Douglas Elliman Real Estate 
    Website design shows your real estate projects on the front page. You can add any picture of your former projects and feature it on the landing page. The categories and other options are available at the top. Transparent social media icons give the website a more modern look and feel.
  6. Trump Real Estate  It is a simple yet premium quality web design which showcases a lush design. It features matte black color tones all over the landing page and also hosts an interactive map. This design is best for those who are planning to build a luxury real estate website.
  7. Village Real Estate Services  It takes the navigation abilities of the customers to a whole new level. Right on the landing page, the users can access the different filters and find their preferred real estate. It has a pleasant white and green color combination. It is one of the best real estate website design.

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  8. Hanover Company  Design is a no-nonsense website layout that allows the users to access the website without any complications. You can host a pair of visual elements on the home page, and the other categories are present on the top.
  9. Seabolt Brokers 
    It is a more organized and categorized website where the visitors will need to choose which category they want to enter. There are four major categories - search, residential, commercial and rental.
  10. Cielo Apartments 
    Features a host of different sliding images where you would want to display your projects. It has a natural green color that looks pretty good and warm.

So, here are the top 10 real estate website designs to choose from. Mobile website development services will further introduce more new themes and techniques which help the players to customer get a better experience. Make sure to check these websites and design yours in the same way as possible.

Your website is one of the keys to your success in the world of the Internet. Therefore you need to invest a lot of time on your site before you can start getting the results that you expected.

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