Why do enterprises look for Drupal Development company for Website Development?

After the advent of Drupal 8 in 2015 and with its updated versions, government organizations and enterprises seem to be much more inclined towards Drupal. Businesses have already started preferring Drupal over other existing CMS. In the below article, I will share the dominating features of Drupal, which makes it the choice of millions.

Monolithic vs Microservice Architecture - Pros and Cons

What is Monolithic Architecture, What is Microservice Architecture, Advantages of Monolithic Architecture, Disadvantages of Monolithic Architecture, Advantages of Microservice Architecture, Disadvantages of Microservice Architecture, When to use Microservice Architecture, When to use Monolithic architecture

Web App Development: 12 Best Practices you can't miss

Top Web App Development Best Practices. Every business would love to succeed by creating an excellent online presence. The best way to do this is by finding ways of solving their customer’s problems.

Top Backend Development Frameworks in 2019

Top Backend Development Frameworks in 2019

Top Back-end Frameworks for Web Application Development. The backend web frameworks comprise of languages and tools utilized in server-side programming in a web application development condition.

Top technical advantages of Laravel that makes it best for PHP frameworks

Laravel development company: Ongraph Technologies offers custom laravel development services and laravel web application services at a cost-effective price. Call us to get a Free Quote for your project. Our Laravel PHP framework development is highly intuitive, interactive and attractive.

Steps to design an Interactive Website

Having a website for any kind of business is a must in today’s competitive scenario but what about having an attractive design of the website that directly appeals the senses of the user. Get in touch with Jeewangarg – The Best Website Designing Company in Delhi to get the Appealing Website Designs.

What kind of Web Applications should develop in AngularJS?

One of the best things about AngularJS is that it is a simplified form of development for front-end that can enhance the experience of users. It is an open source framework of JavaScript that is established by Google to simplify coding for web applications.

7 Logo Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation

Logo designing is an art. Yes! It is true that logo plays a very important role in websites and blogs. But, more often than not, we forget that it needs to be simple and catchy. If you design an elegant logo and write down an amazing content then it is sure to draw in audiences to your blogs and websites. Try and implement these astounding factors and let us know if you have got some new ideas.

How important is Photoshop in modern web development?

Pictures express more than words and that is the reason pictures are exceptionally fundamental in making website architecture. Utilization of Photoshop in web compositions is extremely simple and helpful as it renders flawless outcomes.

Why do you need a website?

In today’s world, the business runs more by online customers, Say for example if you need a dress or a jacket or a sofa you obviously Google it in the first place to find out discount, prices and the features to compare the products, and if you don’t have a website you are definitely your losing business, There is no way around it. Today’s customer needs and market requires a website primarily. Long gone are the days, where a business was only local and you were able to make a living out of it. This kind of thinking could lead you and your company to the dark reality of going out of business.

Smart contracts Of Blockchain Technology

Smart contracts were first introduced in the Ethereum project in 2013. The contracts which can be done and maintained over blockchain which impose the same limitations and obligations on agreeing with parties as it is done traditionally are called smart contracts.

Web Design Trends 2019 that will help you build a solid web presence

The design of your website plays a huge role in building the web presence of your business. This means that your website design will determine how competitive your business will be in the global market. Research has proven that over 70% of consumers judge the trustworthiness and reliability of your business by the design of your website – buttressing our earlier statement.