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Why should you use Node.js for application Development?

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Javascript is getting significant popularity. Multiple changes that have happened over the years since the web development requirement are growing. To meet the dramatic demands of the web development, what Node js app development companies can do it keep javascript a common language in server side as well as in the browser. Though thinking about doing this was hard several years ago, but now it has already done.

Before digging deep, let's introduce you Node.js.

Node.js allow developers to use javascript across the stack. It enables developers to reuse resources optimally. This framework is a javascript runtime environment. It is built on Chrome's V8 Javascript engine and developed keeping in view to facilitate real-time websites with push capability. The framework comes with tools for developers such as non-blocking, event-driven I/O paradigm. When a website developed using Node.js, it facilitates real-time, two-way connections. This is because of javascript that allows both the client and server to communicate and exchange data freely.

Developers found node.js excellent in real-time web applications. It has push technology over web sockets, meaning today web apps can have real-time, two-way connections.

It is a drastic shift from the typical web response paradigm. The framework is based on the open web stack (HTML, CSS, and JS).

How Does It Work?

Node.js with its non-blocking and I/O features fills a particular need. It enables fast and scalable network applications. Additionally, it allows handling a huge number of simultaneous connections with throughput that leads to high scalability.

Compared to traditional web-serving techniques, node.js operates on a single thread. With non-blocking I/O calls, it further supports tens of thousands of concurrent connections.

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