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The best part of Instant WordPress Help that you won’t need to pay unless we fix your issue. This builds the trust for our clients and creates a good relationship with them. Looking forward to having you as our long term customer.

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We provide high-level service at a very affordable price. Though we are a small team, we don’t ignore our client, but we put extra efforts to respond the quickly and try to provide fast, quick and satisfying service.

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  • Creating a front page
  • Create Blog page
  • Add new content

How It Works:

  1. Creating a front page: Front page is your site’s main page and this need to look perfect and clean, so the visitor can stay on site. This page will have all the introduction information that will represent you. We will add the content to this page so, the visitor get exact idea about our site.
  2. Create Blog page: Mostly visitor gets an idea about your thoughts from the blog page. We will help you to design the blogs as per your requirement and will set dynamic blogs on this page. So whenever you add any blog on your site it automatically shows on this page.
  3. Update existing images: Sometimes you may want your site images to show as its original, but it may fit exactly as you want. Our expert developers will help you by resizing the images without losing it originality or we will help you to optimize the images.
  4. Modify existing content: Our team will help you to modify the content of the page. We will also, help you to change the look and feel of the page. We can modify existing images and any other content like a slider, Gallery etc, anything that can make your site look good and attractive.
  5. Add new content: If you want to express your thoughts and had a website, then no worries we can design it for you. You can just provide us the content and we will provide you the way to display. All you need to do is provide us the content and leave everything on us.
  6. Change the entire design of the page: Is your existing page’s layout dull or just want to change it no problem we can make it awesome by modifying the existing layout.
  7. Resubmit sitemap to google: Do you want to set up the sitemap or having an issue while submitting your sitemap, no worries we can help you to fix/setup the sitemap. Our expert team is here to help you with any issue.
  8. Publish pages: Are you facing issue with publishing pages … no worries we will take care about that. We are expert in fixing this type of issues.

Have You already developed WordPress website and looking to create more pages? No worries we can help you


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Category: Web Design & DevelopmentCompany profile: With more than 8 years of experience in the web development, our WordPress expert team has solid analytical, designing and development abilities to fix WordPress issues. Each and every Agent is selected very carefully so that they serve you best. Each and every Agent is selected very carefully so that they serve you best. And as a result, we have continued to deliver fresh creative, professional web development and outstanding results to our client’s skill set.

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