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Why you need to build customized website for your business

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Here we’d like to discuss the benefits of building a customized website for your business and make you aware of what you’d be losing if you don’t.


Just like you look for tailored fit while shopping for a pair of jeans, look out for custom website development when you decide to get your business online. We’d like to discuss the benefits of building a customized website for your business and make you aware of what you’d be losing if you don’t.

Regardless of the type of organization you currently run, a month-old startup or a business prospering from years, you’d require an online medium to excel in this modern age. Although, business owners are not worried about frameworks, platforms and other technical facets of building a website, they focus on sales, growth and revenues.

Everything else is taken care of by the associated technical partner or a website development company apart from some crucial decisions. One of which is making a choice between a custom website development and a ready-made web solution- that too at the very beginning.

So, what’s exactly the difference between a customized website and a ready-made website? Let’s figure it out first.

A ‘ready-made web solution’ will be powered by a content management system (CMS) that is pre-loaded with templates, features, functionalities and content management capabilities. You can select the template and get it customized according to your requirements.

Most popular CMS platforms you can rely on include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. You can get it customized as per your needs either by including free plugins or buying the advanced versions of extensions from the plugin library.

However, customization demands skilled developers who can work on the platform and do changes as per your wish. The point to be noted here is that developers would charge handsomely for the change requests as efforts would be immense.

Plus, you’d be always engrossed in overcoming security challenges that these open-source platforms offer.

imageWhereas, on the other side, a ‘custom website’ is built from scratch based on your requirements. The team of developers will analyze your requirements, select a suitable platform and build a customized solution that matches your expectations.

The notable thing here is that you’d be treated with only the features and functionalities that matter to you unlike in the case of ready-made solutions, which are designed to cater a diverse user base.

Go for custom website development, here’s why?

  1. It is secure

You won’t face security issues because you can integrate top level security procedures as per requirements, which is not the case with open source frameworks where your website may be at risk if hackers get to breach the content management system. When building a custom website from scratch, developers include all the safeguarding measures that protect your website from hacks.

Techniques like encryption and cryptography are used to protect sensitive information. The code is accessible only to a set of reliable developers whom you have appointed for the task.

According to a report by…tMUkmUC0zTWRdQxg0, 78% of the websites hacked in the first quarter of 2016 were powered by WordPress, 14% by Joomla, Magento and Drupal followed the list with 5% and 2% respectively.

Clearly, open-source CMSes are struggling to secure their servers and websites hosted on them. But the community of developers is continuously working on this aspect to provide their customers with a secure and a reliable platform to work with.

We advise you to research well by taking both positive as well as negative aspects of building a website using off-the-shelf CMS before you put your hands on one specific platform.

  1. It is flexible and provides scalable opportunities

Despite tremendous offerings, off-the-shelf CMSes have their limitations and restrictions, which developers can’t override. They have to perform tasks within boundaries while building a custom website from the ground up gives you the liberty to add, subtract, alter and update features and functionalities.

Off-the-shelf CMSes allow you to modify existing plugins and play around with the features but only to a certain extent. This is not the case with custom website development because everything is done from the scratch and developers have full control over each module of the website.

‘Custom websites broaden the door for scalability without keeping you within enclosed boundaries.’

  1. It is not as expensive as you think

It is a basic understanding that ready-made web solutions are cheaper, but only if you are satisfied with what’s on the offer. The time you decide to add features, modify the existing ones and include different plugins, free or paid, it would be an entirely different story.

Sooner or later you may want major changes that would certainly surge the modification and maintenance costs, which would be more expensive than a custom website.

Final words

We are not ruling out or defaming open-source CMSes in any way but educating you to make a wiser decision when you build a website for your business. Document your requirements, shortlist the features, analyze the feasibility and consider various other aspects of building a website before you opt for off-the-shelf CMS or decide to get it built from the scratch.


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