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4 reasons to use Ember.js for Web Application development

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OnGraph, we create simple yet sophisticated Ember JS applications that have extensive functionalities and promote a rich user experience. Being the Best Ember.JS Development Company, we have a team that has extensive industry experience in developing all these applications using 2.16 or 2.17 versions.

Ember.js is an open source Javascript web framework used to create scalable single-page web applications. This front-end framework is based on Model–view–viewmodel pattern which is a value converter that is responsible for showcasing the data objects in a way that they can be easily be presented.

Ember.js gets all the power from its CLI (Command Line Interface). Ember CLI allows the smooth flow of the entire development lifecycle of the application be it the starting point, adding new and unique functionalities to it or running the test suites.

Every application that is built using ember.js involves Ember CLI at some level. Whether you’re working alone or in a team, on a large project or small, Ember.js makes it so simpler and easier to develop an application.

Here are four reasons why to use Ember.js for web application development.

1. Built-in Best Practices

Ember.js Development Services  consists of some built-in best practices that set it apart from others in the competition. The best thing about using ember.js is that the developers gets the freedom to make changes as per the requirements.

The best practices are built in the structure of the framework due to which it is extremely easy to do things like issuing warnings if the changes are made in code or practices. Ember.js provides an automated tool for maintaining the best practices.

2. Easy-to-Understand

Modifying a code and running it successfully takes around how much time?

Several days or maybe weeks?

What if you’re able to do that task in just two hours.

The coding takes a little time to understand and get familiarize with it as it requires domain expertise. But once the process speeds up due to its unique style and structuring of the codebase, it takes no time to complete the project.

That’s the reason, it is generally used to train a team of new candidates in the organization. If we compare Backbone with Ember.js, the former did not meet the needs and developers need to switch between apps to learn a new, ad-hoc, undocumented framework.

3. Coherent Dev Tooling

Ember offers a host of productivity-enhancing tools for free such as:

Broccoli.js — A highly-efficient build system that can transpile, concatenate, and minify your code in no time.

The Combo of JSHint and LiveReload — The combination of these two integration pace the libraries directly into the build process.

Testing — Testing is also built under Ember CLI toolchain. Therefore, if you still are writing tests, you get a testing stub to simulate the behaviors of software components.

Ember Inspector — It is an amazing browser plugin that allows developers to explore any Ember app. It is like a multi-perspective x-ray into the guts of your running app.

4. Unique Features

Some amazing features of Best EmberJS Development Company that sets it apart from others is its Router used to share specific pieces of content. Another is the object system, which simply selects the best parts of the Ruby objects and built the entire app on top of them.

Computed property is also one of the amazing features of Ember.js used to update the dependent properties (a function assigned as a property) whenever its value changes.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for developers who are experienced enough in building web applications using Ember.js, hire dedicated EmberJS development services. They know each and every detail of the javascript and know how to execute it to further to get the final outcome as expected.

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