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Java SE 13(JDK 13), providing new features for developers that can improve productivity and efficiency

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On September 17, 2019, Java or we should rather say Oracle, a multinational company of computer technology, based in America released the latest version of Java known as Java SE 13, which is said to be enriched with features to help and lift the productivity and efficiency of the developers.

This release took place at the conference of CodeOne. And in this article, we would learn about what are all the new features and how are they beneficial.

Java Development Services has been releasing more updates per year better than the earlier times when its update use to come in years as it came 24 years ago in 1995. And it will continue to do so as the Java 14 is already in its early access build. Though the version Java SE 13 is released for general availability, its early access build was released on 9 August 2019 by the Java Development Company. This new release is encrypted with a large number of small scale improvements and an even larger number of bugs fixes.


The Java SE 13 and Java Development Kit 13 (JDK 13) have been introduced with a promise of regular future updates on a cycle of 6 months. It is also stated that the programs or files developed with the help of Java SE 13 will be high in not only performance but will have great stability as well. Also, a lot of security enhancements were inculcated at the time of its making. And so it will provide the customers or users or developers with the same high qualities of performance, security enhancements and stability.

Two new features are also added in the Java SE 13 that will provide the developers with augmented productivity. These two features are Switch Expression and Text Block.
The former one enables the developer to extend the statements of the switch in the coding of the program. This way it can be used easily as statements and also as expressions as well.
The later feature that is the Text Block will prove to be helpful as its task is to simplify the writing in Java language as one can easily express strings that would cover a large number of code lines of the source without any need for the escape sequence.

There are some other new add ups as well: 

1) One can share archives using the dynamic class-data

This feature is aimed at increasing the usability of the application popularly known as CDS(class-data sharing) which is now Dynamic. This feature is very beneficial as with this, users or developers no longer need to go through several trials runs when they are occupied with creating a class list, one by one for every application.

2) Improvements in the memory sections

Previously uncommit memory or unused memory which has been idle for long was not returned to the operating system. But now Java provides custom web development services with the help of which a much larger memory will be available to the users.

3) The server socket of Java now comes with the recently added implementation

It makes the process way to easy to maintain and also helps in debugging the program faster being mild and convenient. You can check the complete details on how to implement this API in your program through the official website of Java development company in the JDK section.

What Brian Goetz said is true. He is the architect of Java at the Oracle and he said that Java is delivering at a faster pace now, with each new release having a set of new features that are not only modern but also immensely beneficial and useful to the developer as well.

Also, Chander said that the Java Development Kit 13 will be equipped with two more updates before another version called JDK 14 is released.
Although Java 14 and JDK 14 are going to be interesting as well because it is focused on improving productivity through Project Amber. Another project revolves around the Java Virtual Machine, to improve it to a whole new level. This is known by the name Project Valhalla. The third project feature of the Java 14 is about taking forward the new programming models ahead on java, this is called Project Loom.

No doubt Java Development Kit is known as the most widely used Software Development Kit all over the world. It was made more than a decade ago because of its highly beneficial and usability qualities. The Java development kit was mainly released for the users of Java language only by the same corporation of Oracle. It supports all the latest and renowned operating systems which are Linux, Windows, Solaris, and macOS.

The new and latest, speedy features offer numerous advantages against one single disadvantage which is that will faster updaters users might get confused that when should they go for update, the right time for updates and do they really need it at the moment? So the developers need to keep this mind while checking out the updates from Java Development services.

And these services are accessible all around the globe. That is why it is one of the main languages used by big multinational software companies as offshore IT services. Offshore IT services help these firms or corporations as it provides them with good quality services at a much lower price than the ones in the US. Being offshore means completely from outside the US. This is beneficial as the workers at offshore sites work at a cheaper price. This is just another way of implementing Outsourcing used commonly. In the current times, India is the hot spot for offshore IT services as a large number of IT hubs have opened up in India and due to competition, the prices are way too low.

Few Final Words

The Java SE 13 and JDK by Java development company have already been released and used by a tremendous amount of developers across the world. After reading this article you must be well acquainted with the new features that Java SE 13 has bought with it. Utilize these features to the maximum before the release of JDK 14.

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