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Google Places: Sigma Infotech Reveals Secrets to Online Success at Low Cost

For brick and mortar businesses that don’t have the budget to invest in traditional marketing or web design & development

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If your limited resources and finances are restricting you to promote your business in your local market effectively, Sydney-based Sigma Infotech has a good news for you. You don’t need a website or invest in traditional marketing strategies to spread the word about your business. The soaring usage of Internet to get information about any topic under the Sun has highlighted the need of an online platform that advertises a business at nominal costs.

What makes Google Places a favourite for local businesses is the ranking benefit that comes along. Google is most widely used search engine across the world, and if your business ranks on the first page of Google, with the help of Google Places, you are set to benefit from a large stream of valuable customers. This is the best search engine optimisation strategy that requires minimum financial investment. When you want maximum business from local market, Google Places is the place to be. The primary feature of geo-targeting allows you to promote your business to local, urban and capital market, depending on your requirements.

Being a relatively new process, not everybody can render effective Google Places Optimisation services. However, when you have the Sigma Infotech advantage, you can enjoy a constant stream of customers at your store and see your local business growing. Some Internet pros still find Google Places as a complicated tool for small businesses. However, according to Sigma Infotech, when utilised effectively, Google Places can prove to be the most cost-effective online directory that is search engine friendly as well as provides all the necessary information that can draw the users to your store.

The free registration on Google Places relieves businesses of the burden of paid advertising. When you work with Sigma Infotech, you get a cost-effective service for managing your Google account for a long term and modifying it to get the best results. Thus, you need not invest in traditional search engine optimisation services, and rather contact Sigma Infotech for its specialised Google Places Optimisation solutions.