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I have had some major issues with the service Aucean hosting has provided. The incident on the 1/2/13 cost our company thousands of dollars. the service was out for most of the day. there own website was down, there phone support was unattended although we called during business hours. we also experienced a similar outage on 18/01/2013. We would not recommend this service. Aucean hosting is a sister company to LiquidNet Ltd.

Aucean Hosting's server very un-reliable. The company hosts space on other companies servers (p.s. you might as well go straight to those companies) and then splits up the usage for its own customers.

They riddle the online web with strong SEO promoting themselves and every review you see online is written by themselves.

Aucean Hosting have the worst customer service in the world. My website has now been down for 30 hours and I cannot even contact Aucean Hosting to fix it because their website is down too. Their contact line is off even though I call within the specific hours and my emails continue to go un-answered.

Not impressed at all! Will be moving soon. BEWARE!

I am selling goods online and most of my clients are from Australia. I used to host my website with a US hosting company and while the service was good, I had customers complain about slow loading times so I searched for an Australian-based hosting company.

Initially I purchased a hosting plan with Aucean Hosting. The signup and activation process was simple and fast and the account was setup within 10-15 minutes. They even called to confirm the purchase.

I had already seen a demo of the control panel and played with it, so I was able to setup e-mail accounts and get the website transferred quickly and with no hassle. I needed help with the database connection and I used the ticketing system within the control panel to request assistance. Support is very polite and super fast - I received a reply and a solution within 15 minutes of opening the ticket. A few additional questions that I had were answered in the same manner.

So far I haven't had any actual problems with the service. I am mostly impressed by the support but I am also very satisfied with the loading speed of my website now that it is hosted with Aucean.

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