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Introducing the features of NGINX Controller R1

In late June, NGINX announced the general availability of NGINX Controller, the centralised management platform for NGINX Plus instances. NGINX Controller solves challenges faced by enterprises as they undertake their digital transformation journey.

Key features of NGINX Controller include:

Simplified configuration management – NGINX Controller enables management of NGINX Plus servers at scale, easily and across a multi‑cloud environment. Controller’s intuitive, wizard‑style interface guides your creation of new instances of NGINX Plus and enables you to centrally configure features such as HTTP routing by URL, load balancing, and SSL/TLS termination, all with just a few clicks.

Monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting – Controller provides deep visibility and critical insights into more than 200 advanced performance and transaction metrics for NGINX Plus instances. You can set thresholds for these metrics and receive alerts when there’s a breach.

Built‑in and customisable dashboards enable you to assess the health of your environment.

Tagging – Tagging helps you organize and categorize all your NGINX Plus instances. You can use tags to monitor specific environments, such as staging or production, as well as public clouds, such as AWS, or private clouds hosted on‑premises.

Analyzer – Analyzer functionality provides actionable recommendations based on best practices from diverse customer environments, enabling you to fine‑tune your configurations. These recommendations also provide guidance on resolving performance and security issues.

Instance inventory – Controller provides an inventory of all your NGINX Plus instances. This is very useful for asset management and auditing purposes.

Multi‑cloud support – NGINX Controller is delivered as a Docker package. You can deploy Controller on any public or private cloud to manage NGINX Plus instances operating across a multi‑cloud environment.

Rest API – You can export all performance metrics via the NGINX Controller REST API for seamless integration with any monitoring tool.

NGINX Controller features are powered by a small agent that’s installed on target NGINX Plus servers. Once the agent is installed and registered, NGINX Plus instances can be managed using NGINX Controller. The agent gathers performance data about these instances and sends it back to NGINX Controller for analysis. With the agent in place, Controller is able to carry out a wide range of reporting and management functions.

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