5 ways you can save your WiFi Extender from constant Reboots

Constant reboots affect a device’s performance in the long run. You can get rid of this by trying other ways to resolve technical issues with your Netgear extender setup. Read On!

No matter how advanced your WiFi extender, it’s pretty common to face a technical issue with it. Sometimes, it is a slow WiFi connection that bothers and sometimes a user could change an important setting.

The result is a range extender that doesn’t work properly.

Some troubleshooting experts might ask you to reboot your device to fix these issues.

Rebooting is so common that users are tempted to do it without a thought. But this is not a good solution if you do it repeatedly.

Constant reboots affect a device’s performance in the long run. It slows down the device and cause more technical hiccups than before.

In that event, a wise move will be to avoid such a situation beforehand. Thankfully, there are ways that save you the hassle caused by rebooting your WiFi extender constantly.

Walk through the post given below.

Tips To Avoid Rebooting And Make Your WiFi Extender Work Effectively

A technical issue can occur at any time. It’s recommended to try other methods to fix it before going for a reboot.

Look at these solutions below.

1. Keep The Software Up-To-The-Date

There is no single technical professional who doesn’t recommend this method. Installing new updates fixes existing bugs, introduces new and more useful features, and improves security and performance of the device.

So, always keep the firmware updated.

Regular updates make a device’s working better and faster.

Besides, updating the software reminds you to change the password of your Netgear extender setup . This is good for the device’s security.

To update the firmware of your Netgear WiFi extender, use the local web address of your WiFi booster.

2.  Keep The Device Cool

One of the primary reasons why your WiFi repeater is performing poorly is that it gets overheated. It’s most likely that your extender remains active all day long and even in the night.

This can overheat it and ultimately slows the processing down. You know your extender is too hot if the temperature is over 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

The solution here is simple. Just power off the device and unplug it. Wait until the temperature gets back to normal.

3. Keep It Neat And Clean

Dirt affects a system badly as it can slip in through the openings and jam the internal mechanical parts. It’s always advised to keep the device neat and clean.

It’s a no-brainer but don’t use any water or chemical to do so. Simply use a soft brush and piece of cloth.

4. Use A USB Fan

Buying a USB fan can help you a lot in getting rid of the overheating issue with your WiFi extender. This is a cost-effective way to avoid many technical problems.

All you need to do is simply plug it in to the USB port of your repeater. All the hot air will be pulled out and the system will remain cool.

Once done, access mywifiext net and connect your WiFi smart device with it.

5. Check The Power Connectors

Make it a habit to always check whether the power supply provided to your WiFi repeater is proper. An inappropriate supply can be one of the most common reasons of issues with your device.

You can check it by jiggling both the AC plug and WiFi booster. See whether the lights remain constant.

The best solution is to find a socket with sufficient power supply. All set, access the internet and connect your devices to see if the problem is solved.

When Does Your Extender Really Need A Reboot?

An overloaded extender is one of the situations when rebooting the device is the only way to get things fixed. Due to more use over time, your WiFi extender accumulates so much on its memory that it starts working abnormally.

In that case, restarting helps in unburdening the extender so that it carries the WiFi signals properly to dead zones.

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