Lectrifi technology to meet power demands of households

Lectrifi's wireless power system technology capable of providing enough power to fulfill the requirements of the average domestic residence.

Lectrifi Limited, a pioneer in the development of wireless power transfer technology (WPT), has announced that its integrated power delivery systems are nearing the full capacity requirements of energy demand consumed by the average US household.

The Hong Kong based research and development innovator has worked in collaboration with a number of leading electronic device manufacturers in a recent round of testing to determine the efficiency of capacity outflow strain across a cross-compatible network of common houehold appliances.

By installing Lectrifi’s standardized hardware and software technologies into multiple household appliances and consolidating them into a single, inter-connected system, the research outfit has successfully delivered wireless power to accommodate over 80% of the monthly power requirements demanded by the average US Household.

With the latest testing of Lectrifi’s advanced wireless power systems, the company has overcome a number of technological challenges that have in the past restricted the efficiency of a wireless power network consisting of multiple devices and electronic applications.