Lectrifi limited secures licensing agreement to supply wireless EV charging stations

Hong Kong based wireless power R&D innovator to utilize its technology in wireless charging stations throughout China.

Lectrifi Limited, a pioneer in the development of wireless power transfer technology (WPT) has to-day announced that the company has secured a licensing agreement to provide technology and consultancy services in the development and installation of charging stations to service the growth of China’s EV market.

In a market protected by domestic brands, entry to China’s EV opportunity is seemingly restricted to foreign automakers, creating a captive audience for early adapters of an explosive sector that has experienced a 48% year-on-year growth rate during 2017.

Under a series of collaboration initiatives, Lectrifi Limited have partnered with design and manufac-turing divisions of automotive corporations to develop real world solutions that overcome the charg-ing demands of a rapidly growing EV sector.

“The main challenge we have faced, specifically in the Chinese market, is the integration of a standard technology that enables the vehicle’s power source to take a charge at any one of the in-tended strategically located stations,” commented Lectrifi Limited’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Whilst our fundamental technologies are designed in such a way to facilitate cross-compatibilities, the success of a larger integration campaign has remained dependent on a number of changes to the design processes of those who contribute their technologies to the eventual functional product.”

“With this latest breakthrough, we here at Lectrifi Limited is pleased to be part of a licensing agree-ment that brings together a number of key automotive players, challenged to deliver a standardized technology that can be implemented in the next generation of Chinese EV’s and supporting infra-structure.”

Based in the previous successes of Lectrifi Limited’s partnership programs, the company has en-tered the agreement as the lead technology developer. Under such responsibility, Lectrifi’s engi-neering technicians will provide consultancy services to its partners as pilot programs are rolled out as early as February 2018.


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