How to Avoid Burnout in a Remote Job?

With remote jobs and flexible timings expanding in the cutting edge working environment, managers today are met with new difficulties. One of them is BURNOUT. Burnout is a condition of passionate, physical, and mental depletion brought about by extreme and delayed stress which further leads to burnout. When your house is your office, it's difficult to put partition between your work life and individual life. In spite of the fact that absolute control is extraordinary, not having the option to pull yourself away from work can all the more effectively lead to burnout. There can be because of different factors that lead to burnout:

How to be Productive in Remote Jobs

There has been a lot of “fuss” towards remote work in today’s world –. The remote way of life appears to be fabulous and engaging, yet there are contemplation for whether remote working is a solid match for everybody. All things considered, there are no days off when you work remote. In case you're new to the remote work life, here are some endurance techniques for remaining productive

Strategies for Remote Team Management

Employees can be efficient only depending on their Work environment.The responsibility lies on the Organization as well as the Leader. An organization unused to overseeing remote representatives might not have a procedure to evaluate execution since they are accustomed to depending on observing individuals in an office "accomplishing work." Totally remote organizations have illuminated how to help a remote group. On the off chance that your organization is new to working remote or just has a group of telecommuters, there are a few contemplation to be had. It may be useful to attempt to line up with our remote organization agenda, a rundown of credits an organization needs to effectively oversee remote groups.

Virtual Assistant And Utilities

If you are running a business, what shall be your focus- daily routine administrative tasks or those tasks that increase productivity and efficiency of your business. I guess the obvious answer is the latter. So, what to do with the former- here is how "virtual-assistants"come into picture. In this article, we discuss in detail about these virtual assistants and what values do they add!

Is spending more on an office chair good for your posture


If you work in an office, your chair is where you will spend most of your day. Therefore the chair you sit on will play an essential role in your body alignment or posture. Chair manufacturers will have you believe spending the extra money on a high-quality office chair will promote a better body position.

Distracting open offices causing 36% of workers to lose at least an hour of work a day

Three-quarters (76%) of office workers are regularly distracted at their personal workspace and it’s having a big impact on productivity, with 36% of workers saying noise causes them to lose at least an hour of work every day. That’s according to a new study from Future Workplace, commissioned by Poly (formerly Plantronics and Polycom).

Remote Work Force: The next industrial revolution

Remote work force has been a part of software development industry for around a decade, freelancing websites Upwork, Fiverr, Clutch etcetera have poured the oil in fumes of freelancing culture. The ever growing competition, complexity of work and the need for low cost labor is omnipresent in industries. Now with augmented reality, 3-D printing, creative photographic effects and consultation services has crested jobs in electrical, electronic, media, mechanical, civil and architecture field. With these websites the trend of employing remote workforce is growing enormously now than ever before.

Is technology a strategic advantage for field marketers?

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Have you heard of SMACIT technologies yet? Well, they’ve come a long way and are now becoming the norm in many industries, including Field Marketing. With that being the case, how do companies leverage the power of these technologies and turn them into strategic advantage? One word, process! Read More