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Remote Work Force: The next industrial revolution

Remote work force has been a part of software development industry for around a decade, freelancing websites Upwork, Fiverr, Clutch etcetera have poured the oil in fumes of freelancing culture. The ever growing competition, complexity of work and the need for low cost labor is omnipresent in industries. Now with augmented reality, 3-D printing, creative photographic effects and consultation services has crested jobs in electrical, electronic, media, mechanical, civil and architecture field. With these websites the trend of employing remote workforce is growing enormously now than ever before.


Governments throughout the world is focused on creating jobs for youth yet the unemployment is prevailing for centuries but now technology is shaping the concept of freelancing to unburdening governments from job creation. The freelancing platforms and payment gateways conducted surveys which tells the saga of freelancing in a better way.


Youth and people who are not comfortable to work full time go for freelancing at a high rate. Now it’s easy to earn through your skills with just a computer and internet regardless of having formal education on the subject. 

  • American spent 1 Billion hours/week on free lancing according to Upwork's 2018 report.
  • More people are choosing freelancing over full time job.
  • Freelancing makes balance between personal and professional life.
  • Freelancing created a pool to choose work of choice.
  • More than 50% of freelancers are under the age of 30 according to 2018 Payoneer freelancer income survey.
  • By 2027 most at least 50% of conventional work will be done by AI and robots.
  • Freelancers are updating their skills in every 6 months to have a competitive edge and to stay fit for new as well as upcoming jobs.
  • Social media, Online job boards, Own websites and freelancing platforms made hiring easy regardless of having personals in the same geographical location.
  • According to Paypal freelance insights the community believes to grow its income in near future.
  • More than 50% Freelancers of age 35+ are satisfied with their life work balance and are not interested in returning to full time employment according to Wisebrand's survey.

Freelancing is outgoing trend which will continue to grow in coming years, most of us will likely to be working as freelancers by the end of 2027. The prevailing technologies are working as a major factor to contribute in freelancing jobs among a are as follows:



Printers have become an inevitable part of our society but it’s all 2-D printing that’s omnipresent. Even though 3-D printing was invented in Eighties it was extremely expensive, the major developments in this decade made it affordable to use at industrial scale and household level. Some companies are using 3-D printers to make prototype models others are using it to manufacture products as Relativity Space 3D printed 11-foot-tall fuel tank with Stargate 3D Printer.

Automobile, auto ancillaries, Space tech and other sectors are now planning to establish micro factories that will be spread on broad geographical locations that will distribute jobs geographically, reduce labor costs, transportation and logistics cost along with better customer service. The financial pressure on companies’ will also be reduced as they don’t have to stock pile products in warehouses, they can maintain a small inventory at every location or simply print it when a customer demands the product. All of this will be possible with CAD drawing which will increase the demand of good freelance CAD designers.

Web apps

Now software industry is moving from locally stored software to SAAS (Software as a service) cloud based web applications to provide an agility to use bulky applications through low cost hardware. The transformation phase has created tons of jobs in software industry but it is next to impossible to have all the resources at your disposal so companies prefer to hire developers and designers through freelancing.

Designing Software

Adobe CC, Coral draw, Maya, CATIA, Auto CAD electrical, Auto Desk, PVsyst, ETAP, Siemens NX are some of the pioneering softwares in animation, engineering and architectural design. The freelancing industry is now getting posted with jobs to hire experts in these softwares from various freelancing platforms and independent freelancing.  

High Speed internet

High speed internet has given a tremendous boost to AI development as the machines needed a faster communication channel to share megabytes even gigabytes of data in real time. Since AI is an emerging trend it is extremely difficult to find data scientists and AI experts so only to hire an expert who does freelancing is left as a viable solution.

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