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Is spending more on an office chair good for your posture


If you work in an office, your chair is where you will spend most of your day. Therefore the chair you sit on will play an essential role in your body alignment or posture. Chair manufacturers will have you believe spending the extra money on a high-quality office chair will promote a better body position.

A typical sales pitch from office chair companies is that their chairs help you avoid back and neck pain. In turn, their chair will make your workday more productive. Moreover, your boss will get a return on investment when it comes to paying the extra cash for a more expensive office chair.

Why is better posture?

Good posture is essential; it is an outward sign of health.

Similar to the condition of your hair or the tone of your skin. Posture tells the world a story about your overall well being. 

Good posture keeps your skeleton in alignment so that muscles are not being stressed to keep you upright. When your body alignment is correct, you are not wearing your joint surfaces; this will help down the track with conditions such as arthritis. Bad posture increases the likelihood you will suffer, muscle, joint or tendon pain. Bad posture can even do permanent damage to your musculoskeletal system.  

If you have a lower back condition such as a herniated disc, it is even more important that your spine is adequately supported and aligned. For it to be worth the money, your office chair should promote a better posture.

Sitting for too long in long stretches is never going to be good for your posture or general health. It makes little difference if you are perched in front of a computer in an ergonomic chair or watching a movie on a comfy couch. Being immobile for an extended period is not good for you. 

The office chair as a solution to bad posture 

Ergonomic office chairs have been around for a long time. Adjustable height and lumbar support are features we have all come to expect from the ubiquitous work seat. Bringing us back to the question, are expensive office chairs going to help the modern worker achieve a better posture? 

Here is the theory, and to me, it sounds quite reasonable. The latest improvements in chair design are intended to encourage you to sit comfortably in an aligned position, i.e. with good posture. We all know the basics, bottom against the back fo the chair, back vertical, neck straight and feet flat on the ground. You can do this in any chair, but will it be comfortable for an extended period? 


A good office chair will enhance your posture by making you comfortable in that position. A good office chair will protect you from holding your body in ways that place strain on muscles and joints. 

Improve posture reduce stain and avoid pain

It turns out comfort in the correct seating position for an extended period is the hallmark of a high-quality office chair. If you feel comfortable in the recommended position, then chances are your office chair is right. 

Is spending more on an office chair good for your posture

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