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GeoOp launches payments solution, GeoPay

One of the biggest challenges facing business operators is getting paid by their customers, securely and on time. They are often forced to chase unpaid invoices and their mobile workers may be required to carry cash or clunky card readers, or handle cheques.

Award-winning mobile workforce management software company GeoOp has launched a new platform called GeoPay that provides its clients with a fast and safe way to receive online payments.

With GeoPay, customers are able to pay businesses at any time, anywhere, from any device, without the need to set up a merchant bank account. It is simple to use, and there are no contracts or monthly transaction fees.

Produced in partnership with fully managed payments platform PromisePay, GeoPay allows GeoOp’s clients to collect payments overnight from their customers quickly and safely, improving their cashflow and user experience.

GEO’s chief executive officer Anna Cicognani says GeoPay will make it much easier for its clients to be more efficient and improve their bottom line.

“GeoPay allows them to invoice their customers while out on the job and get paid straight away,” Dr Cicognani says. “It’s simple to use, minimises paperwork and means money they are owed is safely and quickly in their pockets.”

GeoOp has expanded strongly over the past 12 months, with the majority of its clients in Australia, New Zealand and North America. It recently received a major prize at the AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards and claimed top spot in GetApp’s Q3 GetRank’s global ranking of field service management software.

PromisePay is the fully managed payments solution built for online and mobile platforms, powering fast, flexible and simple payments. It manages the complex payments requirements for platforms across Australia, New Zealand and the United States, including one of Australia’s fastest growing marketplaces, Airtasker. The company was recently named as “One to Watch” in a KPMG report, Global Fintech 100, which monitors the world’s top innovators in the financial services industry.

Commenting on the partnership, PromisePay’s chief executive officer Simon Lee said: “GeoOp has been very proactive in helping its clients build a stronger business and provide a great customer experience, where they no longer have to chase invoices, handle cash or carry hardware. On-the-job mobile payments with the security of GeoPay not only ensures everyone gets paid, but enhances trust between users and the platform.

“The shift from cash and credit cards to mobile payments is happening at an extraordinary pace, as consumers demand a safer, faster and easier way to pay for things, including traditional industries such as trades and local services. GeoOp is a great example of a company providing a more seamless and secure way for merchants and their customers to transact.”

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