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Spookfish: Revolutionary Technology gaining Momentum

Spookfish Limited (ASX: SFI) (“Spookfish” or “the Company”) is pleased to provide a further update on its progress towards the early commercialisation of its Stage One Technology Demonstrator as well as the development of the large scale Stage Two camera system.


  • Advanced discussions underway with a wide range of geospatial data users, spanning government and industry, to enter into evaluation agreements and review the Spookfish technology prior to commercialisation
  • Technology Demonstrator undergoing re-certification process to allow it to operate on a fully commercial basis
  • Extensive testing and enhancement of the Spookfish Technology Demonstrator to deliver industry leading performance in preparation for commercial trials
  • Advanced flight operations systems under development that will further contribute to Spookfish having the lowest industry acquisition cost base per square kilometre
  • Significant progress in data processing has resulted in True Orthophotos and 3D Models already being generated in line with our original theoretical model

Pre-Commercialisation Customer Evaluation
Over the course of the year, the Company has been greatly encouraged by the significant level of interest in its revolutionary technology both from here in Australia and overseas, spanning a wide range of government and industry users of geospatial imagery. To begin engaging with these users and addressing the unsolicited demand for our services prior to the launch of our commercial offering, the Company is in advanced discussions with a range of government and commercial entitles to enter into evaluation agreements to review the Spookfish technology.

Overwhelming interest in the Spookfish technology and its unique capabilities has come from a wide range of sectors spanning state and local government, defence, insurance, urban development, property, analytics, civil engineering, solar, forestry and geospatial service providers. Spookfish intends to enter into evaluation agreements with a select few entities across these sectors and share data acquired during our ongoing testing that exhibits some of our unique capabilities to evaluate the merits of entering into commercial arrangements

Aircraft Re-Certification for Commercial Use
The Spookfish aircraft testing the Stage One Technology Demonstrator is operating under an ‘Experimental’ R&D category appropriate to flying performed to date. However, due to the outstanding performance of the Technology Demonstrator and growing customer demand for access to our unique capabilities, a number of opportunities for early commercial operation have emerged. As such, the Stage One Technology Demonstrator is undergoing a re-certification process to allow it to operate on a wholly commercial basis.

Extensive Testing and Enhancement of the Spookfish Camera System
Extensive testing on the Technology Demonstrator is ongoing with a number of enhancements and configuration changes being incorporated to meet the exacting technical specifications required to capture over 5GB per second of high resolution, high overlap, vertical and oblique imagery. This will enable the production of a number of deliverable products including True Orthophotos and 3D models in a cost effective manner for our upcoming Stage One commercial trials.

These enhancements include upgrades to the optics, control systems, and onboard data storage to enable the capture of larger areas in higher detail than required for the original Technology Demonstrator targets.

The Spookfish Technology Demonstrator has proven to be highly reconfigurable with varying camera and lens configurations able to be tested to optimise the camera for the full-scale Stage Two camera system. The ability to vary the camera arrangement is invaluable in validating the modelling for optimum performance and specification of the large-scale commercial offering. By optimising the camera geometry there are significant operational savings to be achieved that has a significant impact when later flying high-speed jet powered aircraft.

The Technology Demonstrator is also being upgraded to incorporate a new power system that will provide electrical power for all Spookfish airborne equipment in the foreseeable future. These power supply systems have been designed to meet all Australian and international airworthiness regulations. The control and data storage systems are also being upgraded to the production standard to be used in the Stage Two commercial offering and beyond. This includes the use of very high-speed fibreoptic data networks that are required to handle the massive amount of data captured every second.

Advanced Flight Operations Systems Under Development
The flight operations team have commenced development of the complex survey management systems required to plan, optimise and manage in real-time survey aircraft performance. There is a significant investment being made in these systems, as they are invaluable in achieving the maximum possible performance from the aircraft fleet. Spookfish is working toward having the lowest industry acquisition cost base on a per square kilometre basis and these systems are an important facet of that objective.

Data Processing Achieving Output Products In Line With Theoretical Expectations
Rigorous ongoing engineering, validation and optimisation of our data storage and processing systems continues, with sample output products, including True Orthophotos and 3D Models, already being generated in line with our original theoretical models. Our systems will continue to be refined over the coming months to enable high volume production and delivery of our output products in a timely, cost effective manner.

With over 12 billion (12,000,000,000) pixels captured per square kilometre, the potential for automated production of accurate, high quality True Orthophotos, elevation data and 3D Models is unlocked, and Spookfish is integrating best of breed technologies, both Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and Open Source, along with bespoke components, to enable fully scalable data storage, processing and delivery capable of state, country and continent wide product delivery on a regular basis, at an extremely competitive cost base compared to existing suppliers in the market.

In relation to the progress being made in the development and commercialisation of the Spookfish technology, Spookfish Executive Chairman, Jason Marinko, commented, “The degree of interest the Company has received in its technology from both here and overseas has been overwhelming and we now look forward to formally engaging with these groups shortly so they can evaluate our technology in preparation for our commercial launch. The significant progress made by our in-house technical team in advancing our highly sophisticated, groundbreaking technology to a near commercial stage within twelve months of conception has been outstanding and bodes well for the development of our large scale Stage Two commercial offering later this year.”

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